Released: 2023

Features: Lourdiz

Lourdiz and Nicki Minaj’s “Cowgirl” is a confident anthem of sexual empowerment and unapologetic materialism. Through their verses, both rappers delve into themes including their sexual prowess, their high-end fashion tastes, and their relentless ambition.

We start off with the chorus, Lourdiz declaring her intention to take control in the bedroom scenario, metaphorically likening herself to a cowgirl in the rodeo. The cowgirl theme serves as a metaphor for the assertive and adventurous roles she adopts in her relationships. It’s a twist on the typically male-centered narratives often seen in hip-hop, aiming to flip the script and place the woman in the power seat.

When Nicki Minaj steps in, she throws down some signature bravado. The line “Ice on his wrist, pullin’ up in the six” is a nod to the opulence and success she’s surrounded by, while “packin’ like a flight for a trip” is a clever double entendre, referring both to the notion of a man being well-endowed and to the man being financially loaded. With lines like “Will I get it three, four? Yep, yep, I’m ’bout to ride him like a seesaw”, she leaves no doubt about her sexual confidence.

Nicki Minaj Cowgirl (feat. Lourdiz)

Furthering the flaunt of her high life, she references Christian Dior, presumably suggesting the level of luxury she’s accustomed to. And if her partner isn’t prepared to meet her expectations, as implied in “if she don’t bust it open on islands by the sea”, she isn’t going to be fulfilled. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G while you rollin’ the tree” expands the hedonistic atmosphere, combining intimacy with the enjoyment of marijuana.

With the line “Welcome to the show, yeah, this the rodeo”, she marries the sexual and performance aspects of the song – the rodeo being both the sexual scenario and the larger-than-life hip hop game she plays. The following lines continue to boast about her sexual prowess and power, likening herself to Marilyn Monroe and positioning herself as being the one in charge. Her critical tone towards other women in the line “Excuse me, what I gotta do to show these bitches don’t amuse me?” suggests a competitive nature, further reinforced with a reference to her expensive Prada shoes from Milan, Italy.

Nicki is also assertive about her sexual needs, as she explains in the blunt line, “If you can’t do it three times a night, you’re gonna lose me”. She turns to nonchalant luxury again with the line, “Yo, babe, pass me the two-piece”, asking for the colorful one, suggesting it could be a high-end brand item – possibly the “poochi” is a distortion of “Pucci”, another luxury fashion brand. The final line about her sipping tea, sparks J – which implies lighting up a joint – and cocking an Uzi is a triumphant conclusion, balancing hedonism with assertive power.

The song ends as it begins, with the chorus repeated, underpinning the theme of sexual liberation and self-assertion. Overall, “Cowgirl” merges themes of sexual dominance, the pursuit of luxury, and fierce competition, all framed within the perspective of powerful women in the hip-hop world.