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Meaning of ‘Crack’ by ‘slowthai’

Released: 2019

“Crack” by slowthai is a compelling reflection on the artist’s tumultuous relationship, painting a portrait of intense addiction-like love, contrasted with bitter arguments and bitter departures, talking about the hardships of love while unapologetically portraying his own flaws and shortcomings.

In the opening lines of the first verse, slowthai compares his love to a crackhead’s intense desire for crack, a stark visualization of infatuation bordering on addiction. The phrase “My addiction put my nose in the bag furthers the drug imagery, emphasizing the destructive consequences of his all-consuming love.

When slowthai says he’s “Running on empty, you know I never get sleep”, he reveals the emotional toll of the relationship, painting himself as a sleep-deprived, obsessive lover.

The chorus and repeated lines “You made up stories, I don’t blame you. But the plot gets thicker like your shape do” highlight untruths within the relationship. Here, slowthai flips the script, expressing understanding towards his partner, yet hinting at a deceitful undertone. The repeated phrase “You’re too sweet like grapefruits.

Too sweet, bitter why so facety?” employs clever wordplay, likening his lover’s dual nature to a grapefruit, which can be both sweet and bitter – possibly a comment on the disheartening reality of a love that once seemed promising.

Slowthai’s self-reference as Ted Bundy is particularly striking, comparing his mental state to that of the infamous serial killer. It’s a stark admission of his own flaws, acknowledging that his actions might have brought harm to the relationship.

Lastly, the phrase “Assuming the worst, you’re obsessive.” and the question “I don’t blame you like you blame me (Why do you blame me?)” encapsulates their conflicts, seemingly accusing his partner of instigating issues in their relationship. Yet, he asserts that even in the face of such conflicts, he doesn’t blame her the way she blames him.

The song ends on a poignant note with slowthai repeating the earlier chorus, leaving listeners with the bitter taste of a love story gone awry, sweetened with a touch of understanding and a dash of self-blame.

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