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Meaning of ‘DEVIL IS A LIE’ by ‘Tommy Richman’

Released: 2024

Tommy Richman’s “DEVIL IS A LIE,” is a bold dive into the struggles of recognition, authenticity, and the hustle to stay true amidst life’s loud distractions. It’s a statement about carving out one’s path without succumbing to the noise and challenges that life throws at you.

The track kicks off with a vibe that’s both a call to peace and a reflection of the internal struggle artists face in the music game. When Tommy says, “I tell her, ‘Pipe down, baby,’ hell nah,” it’s not just about quieting a noisy partner but about silencing the distractions and focusing on the grind. The line “You know my roundabouts, baby, hell nah,” speaks to his journey in the music scene—knowing his ways around the challenges, yet not taking the easy or expected routes.

Tommy’s assertion, “I can take you places you ain’t ever seen before,” serves a twofold purpose. It’s a boast of his unique creativity and vision in the game, promising a journey through uncharted artistic territories. The repeated mentions of “hell nah” throughout the song act as an anthem of defiance against settling for less or following the crowd. When he states, “I’m not no Travis, baby, not no Chase B,” Tommy is drawing a line in the sand. He’s saying he’s not just another rapper in the mold of Travis Scott or his DJ, Chase B; he’s carving out his own niche, demanding respect and compensation for his hard work: “I work too hard, can you fuckin’ pay me?

The verse, “Since 2019, you’re doin’ this with me, I’ma set it in stone,” nods to his journey and the grind that’s been real since 2019. It’s about loyalty, the shared struggle, and finally making a mark that can’t be erased. The references to overcoming and asking, “can we be friends?,” after acknowledging a shared “struggle” shows a desire for unity and mutual understanding even in competition.

The hook, with its repeated, “Right now, right now (the devil is a lie),” is a powerful mantra against deceit and fake promises in the industry. It’s a call to live in the moment, to fight for survival (“can we survive?“) and to hold onto the desire to stay alive and thriving in a cutthroat environment. This insistence on truth, authenticity, and resilience is what makes “DEVIL IS A LIE” more than just a song; it’s a declaration of independence and a refusal to be brought down by the lies that often plague the music industry and the wider world.

In essence, “DEVIL IS A LIE” by Tommy Richman is a dynamic declaration of self, a rebuke against conformity, and an anthem for anyone hustling to make their unique mark in the world, urging listeners to look beyond the noise and find their authentic voice.

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