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Meaning of ‘DO IT’ by ¥$, Ye, Kanye West feat. Ty Dolla $ign

Released: 2024Features: Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign”Do It” by ¥$, Ye, Kanye West feat. Ty Dolla $ign is a braggadocious anthem that celebrates the hedonistic, luxurious lifestyle that success in the music industry affords. The verses drip with swagger as they depict the thrills of sexual conquests, flaunting of wealth, and partying amidst fame.

The opening lines from the first verse are a playful, rather explicit flirtation, using casual slang to intimate a sexual encounter. When ¥$ asks “do it stay waxed? do it smell fresh? Can I feel your juice through the latex?” he’s seeking confirmation of his partner’s readiness for a sensual involvement. The reference to “throwing ten racks” taps into the tradition of flaunting wealth in hip hop culture, essentially signaling that ¥$ isn’t shy about spending money when he’s in the mood to party.

Following this, the chorus brings in a catchy call to action, where “do it” repeatedly suggests the overall theme of uninhibited enjoyment. The line “in my bag, call me ’06 Gucci” is a clever throwback alluding to Gucci Mane’s grind in 2006, the year he really broke into the mainstream, suggesting that like Gucci, ¥$ is at the top of his game.

When Kanye comes in with the line “Your opinion don’t change the show cost,” he displays his typical self-assurance, declaring that no negative criticism can deter his success. The boast of “God in me, so anything you want, I got it” invokes Kanye’s frequently referenced ‘Yeezus’ persona, linking divine providence with his unparalleled prowess. The lyric “Southside, do or die, Chi-Town top five” is a clear homage to his hometown Chicago, and its Southside’s influential hip-hop scene.

The latter part of the song capitalizes on the boldness of the various artists, chronicling their exploits in a lifestyle of opulence and indulgence. Notably, the line “I just bought my bitch a bitch” is a provocative jest that pushes the envelope further in the objectification realm in the hip-hop world, denoting an extravagant gift for a woman.

Finally, an intriguing line chimes in with “She don’t wanna go home, she refusin'”. Here, he portrays his magnetic charm that makes women reluctant to leave his luxurious lifestyle. The song wraps with a confirmation of their domination in the game by saying “Stay with the money, I’m with Yeezy and Dolla $ign.”

Overall, “Do It” is a classic rap braggadocio anthem showcasing the triumphant figures of ¥$, Kanye West, and Ty Dolla $ign in their full glory, celebrating their undeniable success in the game with wealth, women, and a touch of wit.

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