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Meaning of ‘Double Up’ by ‘Nipsey Hussle’ feat. Belly, Dom Kennedy

Released: 2018

Features: Belly, Dom Kennedy

“Double Up” by Nipsey Hussle featuring Belly and Dom Kennedy is fundamentally a celebration of the profound transformation the title artist, Nipsey, experienced in his life – transitioning from the hard streets of South Central LA to the successful entrepreneur and rapper he was. The track underscores the hustler’s mentality, the perseverance of grinding hard, doubling up, and never letting adversity dampen one’s spirit.

Diving into the first verse, Nipsey Hussle’s lyrics are an ode to his rise, a testament to his grind. “Turned 7 to a 14/14 to a whole thang,” he maps out his journey from the street hustle to making it big in the rap game. The reference to “7 to a 14” is street jargon for flipping ounces into larger quantities, showcasing his early hustle. He also mentions Eric B and rope chains, paying homage to hip-hop legend Eric B who’s known for wearing thick gold rope chains. He’s essentially saying that his new music is a reflection of his evolution and is as authentic as the pioneers of the industry.

By the time we hit the chorus, the statement “Double Up” is more than just about multiplying wealth; it emphasizes an attitude of tenacity, doubling efforts in the face of adversity, the grind of making dreams come true irrespective of the ups and downs.

Belly’s verse adds a poignant angle to the narrative. It outlines the depths of devotion and loyalty required in both the business and personal relationships of a person attempting to break out of their present circumstances. The absence of Belly in the song’s video indicates that he could be voicing this from the perspective of a departed comrade.

When we get to Dom Kennedy’s verse, it’s about breaking through obstacles and embracing one’s destiny with conviction. Dom’s asserting that the more people talk about him, the more he’ll shine, showcasing confidence in his own path and accomplishments.

In conclusion, “Double Up” is a testament to perseverance, displaying Nipsey’s trajectory from humble beginnings to hip-hop stardom and successful entrepreneurship. It encapsulates the spirit of overcoming adversity, stressing the need to be audacious, and to persistently chase your dreams till they become a reality.

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