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Meaning of ‘Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies’ by ‘A$AP Ferg’ feat. Brent Faiyaz, Salaam Remi

Released: 2019

“Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies” is a vivid and sensual depiction of a passionate, almost otherworldly relationship. A$AP Ferg and Brent Faiyaz lay down verses that illustrate a profound and intense connection with their respective partners, celebrating their chemistry. The lyrics also dive into themes of desire, indulgence, and the surreal nature of their romantic escapades.

A$AP Ferg jumps right in with imagery that highlights the intense physical and emotional connection. He calls his partner “Gata’” because she’s wild, as in a wildcat, showing the fiery nature of their relationship. The line “you leave me with a big neck scratch when I hit it from the back” captures their passionate interactions. The intimacy is further showcased with “pillow under your stomach, you like it like that,” emphasizing their specific preferences and mutual satisfaction. Using everyday settings like the kitchen and shower, he makes it clear this isn’t just a random hook-up but something deeper and constant.

As the song shifts, Ferg expresses the emotional aspect of their bond. “When we finish, you be holding me, got your head on my chest, you consoling me” shows a comforting and nurturing side to their relationship post-intimacy. This is more profound than just physicality; he appreciates the reassurance and connection. This is emphasized by the repeated lines of “I’m in a dream, fairy tale, fantasy when you’re around me”, which shows how surreal and magical this relationship feels to him.

Brent Faiyaz’s contribution dives deeper into the feeling of possessiveness and exclusivity. He starts with “You know you belong to me” and reinforces the control with lines about putting her on a leash. This might sound controlling, but it’s about the dynamic they both find thrilling. “Every night, I’ll hit it right, I’ma bring you on tour with me” demonstrates his commitment to keeping her close, even in his demanding lifestyle.

Then we get A$AP Ferg again, painting a picture of luxury and escapism. Lines like “We could fly to Jamaica, fuck all the haters” and “mansions with elevators” show the escapism and luxurious lifestyle he offers. He contrasts their elevated status with their humble beginnings in the projects, emphasizing his rags-to-riches journey. Finally, the nod to Jodeci, renowned for their sensual and emotionally charged music, reinforces the deep, almost transcendent connection.

The song wraps up with the chorus, repeating the theme of being in a “dream, fairy tale, fantasy” to underscore the fantastical nature of their love. It’s an acknowledgment of how high emotions and intense desire can feel like an unreal dream, embodying both escape and euphoria.

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