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Meaning of ‘Droptop in the Rain’ by ‘Ty Dolla ‘ feat. Tory Lanez

Released: 2017 • Features: Tory Lanez

“Droptop in the Rain” by Ty Dolla $ign featuring Tory Lanez is a smooth, seductive hip-hop piece that explores the intimate side of love with a splash of materialism. It contrasts sensuality with the glamorous image of driving around in a convertible, setting a romantic, carefree atmosphere.

The lyrics start off with a symbolic reference: “Droptop in the Rain”. This phrase concurrently illustrates a luxurious image of driving a convertible and hints at the explicit metaphor Ty uses to describe his intimate experience. According to hip-hop vernacular, a “Droptop” is a convertible vehicle and normally, one would think twice before driving such a car in the rain, but the unexpected combo in this context underscores both the risk and thrill in love and intimacy. It’s hedonistic – living in the moment, embracing both pleasure and risk.

Then we see, “Kissin’ and touchin’, when we in public/ I know you love it/ That pussy feels like/ Droptop in the Rain”. Here, Ty underscores the PDA (Public Display of Affection) aspect of their relationship and directly links the sensual experience to the recurring metaphor of a “Droptop in the rain”. In hip-hop culture, such explicit phrasing is not atypical when it comes to expressing intense emotions and physical intimacy.

The lines “Won’t stop, won’t stop, ball out/ Put it in the deep end/ Soon as I sinked in/ Living with no regrets,” show a hedonistic pursuit of pleasure and wealth – a recurring theme in hip-hop literature. The phrase “ball out” specifically refers to flaunting one’s wealth or living extravagantly.

The repeated lines, “I just wanna see you on a/ Bed, legs, spread, yeah,” showcase a raw, animalistic desire. The straightforward nature of this lyric is characteristic of Ty’s unapologetically passionate and explicit style.

Throughout the song, Ty and Lanez weave a narrative that is both thriving in desire while living recklessly, embodying the hip-hop ethos of persistently pursuing what you want, regardless of the consequences. In this case, the pursuit is one of luxurious lifestyle and passionate intimacy.

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