Released: 2022

Features: BEAM

“ENERGY (feat. Beam)” by Beyoncé is a raw, audacious track that brings a powerful mix of intensity and social awareness. Essentially, the track sees Beyoncé and BEAM relay the essence of what ‘Energy’ means to them – as artists, black individuals, and influencers, navigating a world that often demands their silence.

Opening the track, Queen Bey flips the script on expectations placed on her, acknowledging her unrest with the line “On stage, rocking, I’m stir crazy.” Her energy is akin to the vibrant 80’s with the lyrics “Coco flow like 1980s.” The ‘energy’ she employs is not just about physical power or presence; it’s a manifestation of her ambition, creative innovation, and resilience.

A notable lyric here is “Voting out 45, don’t get outta line”. The “45” Beyoncé is referring to is the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump – a clear political jab. Beyoncé is not shy about expressing her political views, often emphasizing the importance of voting, a tool for societal change.

On the hook, the theme of dualities emerges. Lyrics like “She more Cancun, he more Saint-Tropez” serve as a nod to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s jet-setting lifestyle, reflecting the glamour and luxury that come along with their status.

Beyoncé ENERGY (feat. Beam)

Yet, the line “Look around, everybody on mute” underscores the duo’s realization of their unique position and the silence of others. It embodies the energy of fearless self-expression and control in a world that often seeks to mute black voices.

The verse “He was on stop mode, got froze/Froze from page Vogue, no pose” critiques the unrealistic expectations and pressures of the media spotlight, emphasizing Beyoncé’s refusal to cater to such expectations. The “Kodak energy” likely refers to being camera-ready, despite the pressures and constraints of fame.

The line “I just entered the country with derringers/’Cause them Karens just turned into terrorists” uses gun and terrorist metaphors to represent self-defense against racism. Here, Beyoncé fearlessly calls out the ‘Karens’ of society, a term used to describe entitled, often racist white women.

In essence, “ENERGY (feat. Beam)” is Beyoncé’s assertive declaration of power, resilience, and unabashed authenticity. It’s a testament to her refusal to back down or mute her blackness in the face of societal pressures. This track vibrates with the energy of resistance and assertion, confirming once again that Queen Bey is not here for the play-play; she came to slay.