Released: 1996

Features: Kenny G

Babyface’s “Every Time I Close My Eyes” with Kenny G is an intimate, free-flowing love ballad punctuated with poignant saxophone echoes. The track skilfully communicates a deep appreciation and joy brought about by a significant love in the protagonist’s life. The song embraces themes of gratefulness and disbelief, notable for its uplifting narrative and emotional vulnerability.

The opening lines set the stage, with Babyface emoting about the long wait for a love like this, baring evidence to the ever-truth “good things come to those who wait.” The lyrics liken this passionate love to surreal experiences like “springtime in winter” and “Christmas in June.” He gets down with the metaphor game real heavy, striving to express the intensity of his feelings in relatable terms.

The magic of this love is further emphasized with, “It feels like heaven has opened up its gates for me and you.” It ain’t just about earthly pleasures, nah, Babyface sees this as a divine blessing. The chorus drills down this sentiment, as he acknowledges his gratitude for his partner and the love they share. He’s so boggled by this love that he “pinches himself” as he can’t believe it’s true.

Babyface Every Time I Close My Eyes (with Kenny G)

As the verse evolves, Babyface goes on to express that his partner is his dream come true. Equating their relationship as perfect as a day without rain and as bright as sunshine, he gives a nod to the positive influence they’ve brought into his life. He again acknowledges that he’s found a blessing in his lover, never hesitating to declare his appreciation and astonishment by their shared love.

The storyline takes a deeper turn as Babyface uncovers how this love helped him overcome his dark past. The line “To think of all the nights I’ve cried myself to sleep” reveals past struggles, possibly loneliness or heartbreak. But the finding of this new love has brought him relief and happiness, proving just how much they mean to him.

The song ends on a thankful note, with repeated gratitude towards the Lord for this love. It’s a heartfelt admission of the tranquility and joy he’s found in this relationship. The love he experiences not only seems surreal but also feels like a divine intervention. Babyface’s humility and gratitude, paired with the enchanting rhythm of Kenny G’s saxophone, gives this classic an edge, a slice of hip-hop infused with soul and jazz elements.

So, in a sense, “Every Time I Close My Eyes” is a lyrical testament to the profound influence love can have on one’s life, turning the tables from despair to joy, from solitude to companionship, and from disbelief to deep-seated gratitude.