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Meaning of ‘F*** Faces’ by ‘Scarface’ feat. Devin The Dude, Tela, Too $hort

Released: 2010 • Features: Devin The Dude, Tela, Too $hort

“F*** Faces” by Scarface, featuring Devin The Dude, Tela, Too $hort, is an exploration of romantic manipulation, sexual conquests, and a critique of materialism. It’s a tale woven with braggadocio, explicit sexual descriptions, all with a sense of raised eyebrow at the transactional nature of romantic relationships.

The song opens with Scarface engaging in a masterful play of words, expertly painting a vivid image of a chance encounter with a beautiful woman shopping. The line, “You couldn’t palm it with Shaquille hands,” is a hyperbolic reference to basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s enormous hands, used here to emphasize the woman’s exceptionally curvaceous figure. The term ‘f*** faces’ here is used to describe the intimate moments shared between the two, a subtle nod to the sometimes unsaid communication between lovers.

Fast-forward to Too $hort’s verse, he brings a contrary perspective. There’s a sense of hedonistic pleasure he gets from his encounters, underscored by the lyric “I love the way she suck dick.” He is also critical of the woman’s perceived loose morals, labeling her as a “tramp and a slut,” showcasing hip-hop’s sometimes problematic view of women. It’s a stark commentary on the complexities of sexual relationships and the double standard often applied to women in these situations.

When Tela takes the mic, the narration continues with an explicit, no-holds-barred account of his sexual adventures. The line, “Just got through f***in this b***h, who swallowed my c*m and drank my p*ss,” is raw and unfiltered, meant to shock and provoke. His verse represents a stark depiction of sexual power dynamics, revealing an unapologetic approach to pleasure-seeking.

In the final verse, Devin The Dude shifts the narrative tone, diving into the pleasure of intimate moments and the sheer joy of sexual freedom. The lyric, “Whole damn grill so slick it’s kind of nice,” showcases his pleasure with the night’s events. The song reaches its apex with the line, “You getting buck places, drinking, love, and sex Chases,” encapsulating the carefree spirit of sexual liberation the song champions.

Throughout the track, the hook “You must be used to all the finer things” beautifully ties together the overarching theme of the song. It is a criticism of materialism, the allure of money, and the unchanged behavior of the women the men encounter. Ultimately, the song is a raw take on the intersection of sex, power, and money in relationships, presented in an uncompromisingly frank lyrical style, quintessential to the era of ’90s hip-hop.

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