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Meaning of ‘Fell In Love’ by ‘Lil Tecca’ feat. Ken Carson

Released: 2023 • Features: Ken Carson

“Fell in Love” by Lil Tecca and Ken Carson divulges into the artist’s experiences with love, substance use, wealth, and their life in the music industry. The song conflates the rawness of street experiences with the superficial world of fame, using the notion of love as a throughline—though this “love” isn’t always romantic in nature.

The hook sets the stage, describing a girl who’s interested in Lil Tecca now that he’s famous—”She wanna know who I am, she don’t give a fuck who I was”. He’s aware of her ulterior motives yet chooses to engage. He contrasts his wealth with others—”I know you ain’t havin’ bands for real, and you know my pockets stuffed”—implying his financial stability is one reason he attracts attention.

He openly admits his substance use—”DMT, ecstasy, yeah, I’m off them drugs” and his love for high-end fashion—”Yeah, I’m rockin’ Givenchy, paid two bands for these, yeah”. His street cred is evident in “Three shots get that nigga off me, bet you won’t survive these slugs”—the harsh reality of violence in his world. But despite the women and the fame, he feels too young to fall in love. The women are too sprung or spoiled according to him.

In the verse, we see how Lil Tecca handles relationships and enjoy his prosperity. References to blocking numbers, driving big cars, flaunting wealth, and cutting off people who cross him, provide insight into his lifestyle. He doesn’t shy away from flexing his wealth “Saw shawty, she was with another man, so I cut her off”—putting his desire and ego above everything else.

He gets real about his experiences with women—”I was fuckin’ on both of them hoes, that’s on God”, and brandishes his luxury “The Maybach, it came with the Rolls, the Rolls came with the stars / The Patek, it came in rose gold, yeah, I’m livin’ large”. The theme of excess, wealth, and indulgence continue throughout the song.

The chorus plays again before moving on to Tecca’s acknowledgement of his past relationships—”I’m still fuckin’ on my ex bitch, she say I stole her heart”. Here, he sets the stage for his art—it’s beautiful and understood by only a few, much like his extravagant and indulgent lifestyle. He continues to discuss his penchant for drink and drugs—”I pour lean up, I pour fours when I’m parched”.

The song ends with the chorus repeating, bringing it full circle, signifying that despite the roller-coaster ride of fame and fortune, at the heart of it all, he’s still unsure about love—signaling a recurring theme in the young rapper’s life.

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