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Meaning of ‘Flamboyant’ by ‘Big L’

Released: 2016

“Flamboyant” by Big L is a solid testament to the rapper’s street-schooled lyrical prowess, flashy lifestyle, and the in-your-face Harlem pride with a dash of recognizably cutting disses to his detractors. Chock-full of brazen lyricism, the track not only captures Big L’s adept rhyming skills but also his unapologetic embodiment of the hustler’s ethos.

The lyrics kick-off with Big L shouting-out his comrades, then swiftly dives into braggadocio. “Make sure my mic is loud and my production is tight” indicates his dedication to the craft while “You damn playa haters never want to see me blow” suggests his recognition of the envy in the game. “Flamboyant Entertainment CEO” confirms his status as a boss, while “straight, keep a Harlem World mindstate” and “139 nigga, the Danger Zone” are nods to his roots in Harlem.

The phrase “We go straight to the bar/ Leave ’em empty” signifies the lavish spending associated with an upscale lifestyle, typical in hip hop. In the lines “selling niggas that wet shit right out the jar shit,” Big L’s audacious narcotic dealing reference stands out. “Always dropping a poem/ I can write it or recite it off the top of the dome”, is a testament to his lyrical prowess.

The repetitive chant “Big L” “Corleone” amplifies his street name and persona, bringing an extra dose of swagger to the song. The lyrics “I represent Harlem World, not Melrose Place” signifies his loyalty to his Harlem roots over the Hollywood lifestyle. “Flamboyant is the label that writes the checks”, asserts his independence and power in controlling his music.

Undeniably, “Flamboyant” displays Big L’s unshakeable confidence, clever wordplay, and unabashed representation of his Harlem life. A testament that hip hop often presents real-life experiences in a stylized way, framing struggle and aspiration under the same spot-lit umbrella.

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