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Meaning of ‘Forgot About Dre’ by ‘Dr. Dre’ feat. Eminem

Released: 1999 • Features: Eminem

“Forgot About Dre” by Dr. Dre featuring Eminem is a defiant response to critics who doubted Dr. Dre’s relevance and influence in the hip-hop game after a period of perceived inactivity. The lyrics serve as a reminder of Dre’s impact and contributions to the genre, while also displaying Eminem’s lyrical prowess and fiery aggression.

Dre kicks off the first verse by reminiscing on his journey from struggle to success. “Still the same OG, but I been low-key” signifies that despite his accumulated wealth and status, Dre hasn’t lost touch with his roots. Continuing his verse, Dre calls out those who have “no cheese, no deals, and no G’s” (folks without money, opportunities, and respect), stating that they’re hating on his success. He demonstrates the magnitude of his accomplishments by referencing his home studio, wall full of plaques, and ability to provide for his family. The reference to “Eazy-E’s, Ice Cube’s, and D.O.C.’s, The Snoop D-O-double-G’s” is a testament to Dre’s hand in launching the careers of these iconic artists.

The chorus carried by Dre and Eminem, “Nowadays, everybody wanna talk… act like they forgot about Dre” serves as the main thesis of the song. The duo accuses critics and other rappers of hypocrisy – everyone wants to be vocal, yet when they speak, it’s meaningless (“just a bunch of gibberish”). They criticize those who have quickly forgotten Dre’s significant contributions to hip-hop.

Em’s verse delves into his characteristic violent storytelling, lacing his verses with complex rhymes and intricate wordplay. His violent actions in the lyrics serve as symbolic retaliation against the critics. “Hotter than a set of twin babies, In a Mercedes-Benz with the windows up, When the temp goes up to the mid-80s” is a provocative reference to his fiery lyricism and controversy that often surrounds him. He wraps his verse by admitting his craziness and insinuating that it’s too late for anyone, including Dre, to save him.

Dre’s second verse is a powerful rebuttal to those who claim he’s fallen off. He talks about his commitment to his label, Aftermath, and his determination to stay in the game. The line “I ain’t havin’ that, this is the millennium of Aftermath” signifies Dre asserting his dominance and rejecting any negative assumptions about his career. He challenges the “Mad Rappers” alluding to the dissenters within the industry who are questioning his relevance, asserting that he’s been well-prepared (“strapped with gats”) for such adversity. The track concludes with the repeated chorus, reinforcing the song’s central theme.

“Forgot About Dre” serves as a triumphant return for Dr. Dre, reminding everyone of his unparalleled influence on hip-hop. Laced with sharp commentary on industry critics, vivid storytelling, and an unmissable display of lyrical prowess by Eminem, the track stands as an enduring testament to Dre’s legacy and a clear message – it’s impossible to forget about Dre.

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