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Meaning of ‘Fuckthepopulation’ by ‘$uicideboy$’

Released: 2015

Alright, let’s get into “Fuckthepopulation” by $uicideboy$. This track is a grim portrayal of excessive behavior and the dark corners of their psyche that it leads them to, underscored by their use of drugs as a means to escape reality. It’s a stark exploration of self-destruction and the allure of the profane, depicted as a twisted badge of honor within their social milieu.

When they say “All of this pussy the devil, all of this cash the devil”, they’re reflecting on how the things they desire or attain—women, money, material possessions—seem to be vices that drag them further into a self-destructive cycle. There’s an ongoing theme of self-condemnation, likely with a dash of self-deprecating humor reflecting they won’t go to heaven due to their actions.

The phrase “Bitch, I be that broke boy” references the roughness of their upbringing and environment, embracing and owning their identity as so-called broke boys that emerged from hardship. The repeated depiction of drug usage, from “Two scripts half-full make a full script”—talking about prescription pills—to “All this heroin is the devil, all these Xanax is the devil” portrays their struggle with substance abuse.

The line “Bitch, I am the devil, the devil” captures their perspective of seeing themselves as corrupt or tainted, perhaps a product of their harsh realities and the things they’ve had to do to survive or cope. Shout outs to specific areas like Memphis and Orange Mound further root their narrative in real places, a hallmark of authentic storytelling in hip-hop.

The intense lyrics like “Keeping it packin’ with a hunnid rounds” and “Keep them dead bodies all on the ground” showcase their street-hardened mentality, a readiness for conflict that stems from their environment. They make it clear they’re not just rappers—they’re survivors of their brutal reality. The “$uicide, we anti-life” line might be striking to some, but it marks a grim admission of their struggle with mental health issues, perhaps using music as an outlet to express these dark feelings.

Overall, “Fuckthepopulation” is a chilling, raw introspective piece on the struggle with destructive tendencies, which are often glamorized, yet in reality, carry a heavy burden of pain, regret, and self-reproach. Through a haze of explicit lyricism, $uicideboy$ manage to embody a voice that resonates with those trapped in similar cycles of pleasure and pain.

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