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Meaning of ‘Gittin’ Funky’ by ‘Kid ‘N Play’

Released: 1988

Alright, strap in ‘cause we’re diving deep into “Gittin’ Funky” by Kid ‘N Play, and let me tell you, this track is a throwback jam that brings the heat. Basically, this song is all about Kid ‘N Play doing what they do best: spitting fire rhymes, laying down sick beats, and just generally getting the party jumping. They’re not just about the fun, though; they’ve got skills and they ain’t afraid to show it.

The song kicks off setting the scene with Kid ‘N Play ready to shake things up with their rhymes and beats. With Hurby at the controls, they’re laying down tracks that demand respect. They’re about bringing that energy, with a beat so infectious, it’s like a call to the dance floor. They talk about their musical prowess, how they mix sick rhymes with beats that you can’t help but move to.

Then, they dive into how their music doesn’t just sit with you for a moment; it’s meant to last, “Minute by minute, yo, hour by hour”, highlighting their lasting influence and “soul power”. It’s clear they’re not here to just play; they’re here to leave a mark, to get you moving, and to stand out, not just blend in. They’re in this to change the game, not just to play it.

Kid ‘N Play aren’t about keeping it low-key or just blending into the background; they’re about standing out, making sure everyone in the crowd is having a good time, “not profilin, we’re freestylin”. They see themselves as pioneers, leading the charge in rap, bringing everyone along for the ride.

When Play takes the mic, he brings an energy that’s undeniable. He’s like, if you’re not moving to this, you might as well be asleep. He claims his talent is so fierce it’ll “pierce your soul”. He’s not here to just entertain; he’s here to dominate, to show he’s the top of the game, ready to take on all challengers.

As the song wraps, Kid ‘N Play make it clear that their aim is to get you moving. If you came to just stand around, you’re in the wrong spot. This track, with its beats and rhymes, is their domain, and they’re all about making sure that by the end of the night, you know just who rocked the mic right.

“Gittin’ Funky” is more than just a song; it’s a statement. Kid ‘N Play weren’t just making music; they were crafting an experience, pushing boundaries, and setting the stage for what hip-hop could be. It’s bold, it’s energetic, and it perfectly captures the essence of what makes hip-hop so powerful.

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