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Meaning of ‘Give & Give’ by ‘Conway the Machine’ feat. Cool & Dre

Released: 2024

In “Give & Give,” Conway the Machine reflects on his journey through the music industry, capitalizing on his success while addressing the challenges and dangers he faces. He highlights the luxury and struggle coexisting in his life, from international tours to constant vigilance against threats. There’s a confident assertion of his prowess and dominance both musically and in street credibility.

The song kicks off with introspection as Conway walks the streets alone, pondering his path in life. He calls for guidance (“please, take my hand”), setting the contemplative tone of the track. This hook reflects a solitary journey, laden with uncertainty yet seeking direction.

Conway paints a vivid picture of his success: “Imported foreign, this currency I get more and more in,” showing his earnings from international tours. The luxury lifestyle continues with references to “PJ soarin'” and “Bora Bora,” emphasizing his global reach. Yet, he also conveys a sense of danger with “the 40 below my .44,” blending opulence with ever-present street threats.

He criticizes other rappers as less significant (“She dickridin’ another rapper, I’m more important”) and asserts his dominance in both music and potential conflicts (“If it’s a war, then there’s .223’s, we Jordan scorin'”). This blend of luxury, power, and menace underscores Conway’s complex reality.

The chorus reiterates his plea for something steadfast to hold onto, echoing the initial theme of seeking stability amid chaos. The soulful repetition underscores the emotional weight of his journey.

Conway continues to flex his status with references to being nominated for Grammys and driving a Lamborghini, but he also highlights the darker side of his life, likening his verses to “waterboardin'” and describing his aura as a “horror story.” This contrast between glamor and grit defines Conway’s persona.

He mentions overcoming attempts to “cut off my power,” stressing resilience and ambition, and states that people always knew he’d “flourish.” His success (“a couple albums recorded and I got more in storage”) and rising influence (“been gettin’ so hot lately that I could torch a forest”) are clear.

He wraps up the verse by mocking other rappers’ financial struggles (“N***as talkin’, but they can barely afford their mortgage”) and shifting focus to financial success beyond music (“think of top ten rappers, I’m thinkin’ more the Forbes list”). The mansion isn’t just a status symbol but a “fortress,” a testament to his fortified legacy.

The song closes by returning to the reflective hook, emphasizing Conway’s continuous search for direction and stability amid the tumultuous life he leads. The repetition of “Please, take my hand” underscores a recurring need for guidance and support.

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