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Meaning of ‘Giving Chanel’ by ‘Meek Mill’ feat. Future

Released: 2024

Features: Future

“Giving Chanel” by Meek Mill featuring Future paints a vivid picture of the two artists’ hard-fought journeys from the streets to the stratosphere of fame and success, showcasing their wealth and luxury as badges of survival and triumph. This high-energy track oscillates between boasts of wealth, power, and influence, and somber reflections on the violence and hardships they’ve endured.

The opening lines introduce us to the narrative of Meek Mill supporting his crew. He’s ready to foot the bill for a lawyer or bail, and even assigns one of his women to comfort his sidelined homie. He then proceeds to share a glimpse of his luxurious lifestyle, of driving a ‘Rari on Collins and causing a stir – “giving ’em hell”. The following line references a sexual encounter with a woman that is so good; it’s metaphorically likened to gifting her designer Chanel.

Meek moves from braggadocio to addressing his haters, acknowledging their ill-wishes but not letting it faze him. He also touches on violence, a grim reality in many communities, introducing a darker side of the streets.

The chorus sees Meek expressing the deep pain and heartbreak he experiences when mourning the loss of a friend. His repeated use of the phrase “for real” emphasizes the harsh reality and cruel truth of his experiences.

Future’s verse takes us on a whirlwind tour of his extravagant lifestyle, from riding jet skis in the ocean to being surrounded by a fleet of high-end vehicles. He also takes a moment to flaunt his wealth with lines about his designer gear and expensive watches.

However, Future too has his own battles. He masks the strain of handling street business with luxury brands. The line “I don’t know how to talk back to the police, I get caught with a whole ki'” reveals Future’s readiness to face potential legal consequences boldly.

Overall, “Giving Chanel” serves as a braggadocious narrative of two artists’ journeys from the trenches to the top while offering a stark reminder of the realities they’ve faced to get there.

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