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Meaning of ‘Glizock & Wizop’ by ‘Gucci Mane’ feat. Key Glock

Released: 2023

Features: Key Glock

In “Glizock & Wizop,” Gucci Mane links up with Key Glock to pen a fiery track that’s deeply rooted in the journey from struggle to opulence, direct from the streets, with a heavy dose of their ice-cold swag. This joint also serves as a tribute to long-lost comrade Flippa, with the duo infusing their raw experiences alongside a clear penchant for luxury.

When Gucci and Glock mention “it’s Glizock and Guwop, we so icy, nigga, you not,” they’re asserting their status and wealth in the game. The phrase “so icy” references the excessive jewelry both rappers sport, a well-known symbol of wealth in hip-hop culture. The “pistol in the party” line conveys the dangerous environments they navigated before, and even during, their road to success.

Gucci saying he “ran it up, no bank account, I stuffed it in the shoebox” speaks to his beginning days in the rap game and street hustle, without the luxury of a conventional banking system. Meanwhile, feeling like a “trap god” in the ninth grade implies early foray into street life and drug dealing (the trap) at a young age. However, the track isn’t all fond reminiscing, Gucci honours his late friend Flippa, possibly referencing the street legend Marlo “Flippa” Hyman who passed away in 2018.

Glock enters the narrative by acknowledging that he’s “about my bread, every crouton”, a clever statement emphasizing his dogged pursuit of cash. He casually dismisses his critics who talk about “slidin'” but aren’t “shooting nothin,'” highlighting that his success also came with detractors lacking substance. The “Jimmy Bun” reference addresses keeping a gun at the ready, a remnant of past street life.

Throughout the song, Gucci and Glock attest to their hard-earned success, waving off haters, and basking in the glory of luxurious wealth, symbolized by the “new ice” and “blue bucks.” Despite their opulence, the duo does not forget their beginning, in the hard streets of Zone Six, Atlanta (Gucci’s origin) and South Memphis (Glock’s origin), keeping their narrative authentic as they ascend the rap game.

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