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Meaning of ‘Glock In My Lap’ by ’21 Savage’ feat. Metro Boomin

Released: 2020

Features: Metro Boomin

Aight, fam, let’s dissect “Glock In My Lap” by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin. We’re lookin’ at a track where 21 Savage asserts his dominance in the game, juxtaposing his street life past with his current success. Savage comes through with vivid details of a life that’s been anything but easy, underlined by the necessity to stay strapped (‘Glock in my lap’) for his own protection. Now, let’s break this thing down bar for bar.

The song kicks off with Savage and Metro Boomin establishing their presence—this ain’t for play; it’s as real as it gets. “Big 4L” refers to Savage’s crew, 4L meaning “for life”, showcasing loyalty and commitment. Then, Savage starts droppin’ references to violence and being armed—this speaks to his street credibility and readiness to defend his status. “Leave an opp cold, like December” means he’s ready to take out his enemies, and “AK knockin’ down trees, like timber” is a metaphor for the power of his weaponry, the AK-47.

But 21 ain’t just about the street talk; he’s showin’ us his business acumen, too. By sayin’ he’s in an “All black tux,” he compares himself to a businessman, implying he conducts street business with the same seriousness as corporate dealings. He’s saying he’s on top of the game, just like a millionaire who has the power to connect directly with key players (‘killers’ here doesn’t just mean actual killers, but folks who are serious about their hustle) and not just the middlemen. It’s about control and cutting out unnecessary layers to maximize profit.

21 Savage Glock In My Lap

Flip to the hook, and it’s a clear message: “Glock in my lap, everywhere I’m strapped.” This is his declaration of constant vigilance. The life 21 Savage has lived requires him to always be prepared for confrontation. The rest of the lines are a blend of flexing his status, reflecting on his past life of crime (“used to rob and trap”), and a distance from other rappers who just talk—no “givin’ dap” because he doesn’t trust them.

As the verses continue, Savage juxtaposes his current wealth with his come-up. He speaks on making a million (“make a M”) in his sleep, showing how far he’s come from the days when he was breaking down pounds of weed (“17 breakin’ down a P”) and moving harder substances with his crew. Chuck E. Cheese rat line is street talk for labeling someone a snitch, equating them to a rodent and implying they get dealt with harshly (“we get rodents whacked”).

He takes a moment to flex his sexual exploits and luxury lifestyle, indicating that he’s upgraded the life of the women he’s with—from the bus to the Benz. But despite the wealth and the women, he’s still about that action, ready with his “thigh pads,” a slang for his gun that he carries for protection, not for show (“But I ain’t got no yard rushed”).

Throughout “Glock In My Lap,” 21 Savage keeps it gritty and real, painting a picture of a life that’s both dangerous and luxurious. It’s a life where trust is rare, strength is respected, and always being prepared for whatever comes your way is a must. Metro Boomin’s production underlines the track with a sinister and heavy feel, while 21 Savage lays out his street philosophy with cold precision. And that’s the essence—staying true to his roots while moving in this world with power and caution.

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