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Meaning of ‘Good Life’ by ‘G-Eazy’ feat. Kehlani

Released: 2017 • Features: Kehlani

“Good Life” by G-Eazy, featuring Kehlani, is a vibrant celebration of success, loyalty, and the journey from the bottom to the top. Through its reflective yet triumphant lyrics, the song acknowledges the hardships overcome and the sweet taste of achievements shared with day ones—the loyal friends and team members who’ve been there from the start.

The track kicks off with a toast to the ride-or-dies and a metaphorical middle finger to the doubters and haters, capturing the essence of triumph over adversity. “Life’s only getting greater” sets the theme of ascension—moving from “nothing” to soaring “higher than the highest skyscraper.”

The repetitive mentions of “the good in the good life” lay down the groundwork for what this anthem is about: turning the negative into positive, looking at how far one has come, and relishing in the victories achieved through loyalty and perseverance.

G-Eazy’s verses dive deep into personal achievement and the communal aspect of success. He lucidly narrates moving his mom out of debt, purchasing a home in escrow, symbolizing a shift away from financial strife towards stability—a dream for many from humble beginnings. The explicit mentions of “stackin’ blue faces straight to the ceiling” and popping bottles in Vegas aren’t just flexes; they are manifestations of hard-earned victories.

For G-Eazy, success isn’t just about personal gain but lifting those around him, putting his team “in position” to also “make a killin’.” This elevates the narrative from individual success to collective prosperity.

The hook’s repetition of the good life mantra serves as a rallying cry for everyone striving and achieving, emphasizing the song’s message—surmounting past challenges and enjoying present victories. Kehlani’s smooth chorus beautifully deals with G-Eazy’s verses, adding a soulful layer to the celebratory mood.

Her vocals bring a sense of unity and common destiny, particularly in the line “We owe it all to each other,” highlighting the importance of solidarity and mutual support in reaching heights where everyone can proudly say they’re living the good life.

In the bridge, the song reaches its emotional and symbolic peak: “Damn right, from the bottom we rise / So high, now we cover sky lights / We’re building an empire.” It’s a powerful declaration of progress and ambition achieved, not just as individuals, but together. It emphasizes the shared journey from obscurity to prominence, from darkness to dazzling success where the only direction left is upward—towards the good life.

This anthem doesn’t just bask in the glory of success; it pays homage to the grind, the solidarity, and the relentless pursuit of dreams, affirming that past hardships are key chapters in the story of success.

Ultimately, “Good Life” is more than a song; it’s a testament to the power of perseverance, loyalty, and the realization of dreams against all odds. It’s a reminder that with the right people by your side, overcoming obstacles and sharing the spoils of success makes the journey worthwhile. The good life, as G-Eazy and Kehlani proclaim, isn’t just about wealth or luxury; it’s about realizing your dreams, elevating those around you, and never forgetting where you came from.

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