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Meaning of ‘H.Y.B.’ by ‘J. Cole’ feat. Bas, Central Cee

Released: 2024

“H.Y.B.” by J. Cole featuring Bas and Central Cee is a flex anthem that combines sharp lyricism, swag, and a bit of humor to discuss their fame, women, and the luxurious lifestyle they lead. The title, “H.Y.B.”, hints at a playful yet boastful warning to their peers – essentially saying, “watch your back because we’re on top.”

The track opens with a catchy hook that’s all about their influence and allure, making everyone choose sides just like viewers do with TV channels like TNT, while comparing their pull to the gossip giant TMZ. They talk about living life in the fast lane, filled with exclusive parties, beautiful women, and the finest things money can buy. J. Cole even brings in a bit of self-aware humor with the line, “Hide your bitch, hide your wife,” playing off a well-known viral internet joke but twisting it to fit the theme of their celebrity status and charm.

J. Cole’s verses dive deeper into his journey from an eager student of the game to a top player in it, using a clever alphabet scheme to signal his growth while also throwing in a bold statement about his loyalty and success. He pokes fun at his competitors and critics, claiming his rightful place in the industry despite their doubts. The fashion reference to “Giuseppe” versus “Indy 5000s” showcases Cole’s preference for originality and authenticity over flashy, brand-name hype. He also touches on feeling ordinary despite his extraordinary bank account, grounding his verses in reality amidst the bravado.

Bas and Central Cee add their unique perspectives, painting pictures of their rises to fame and the changes it’s brought to their lives. They address critics and haters with dismissiveness, suggesting that their success and the lifestyles they now enjoy prove them wrong. Central Cee’s verse details his transition from a life of scarcity to one of abundance, celebrating his achievements and newfound ability to splurge at places like “Harrods”, a luxury department store, as a symbol of his success.

The song is a bold, unapologetic celebration of their hard-earned victories in the rap game. It’s packed with cultural references, clever wordplay, and an underlying message that success comes with its entertaining perks but is also a result of talent, hard work, and staying true to oneself. “H.Y.B.” isn’t just a track about living it up; it’s a testament to the journey these artists have taken to climb to the top.

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