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Meaning of ‘Hate Goes On’ by ‘Jelly Roll’

Released: 2017

In “Hate Goes On” by Jelly Roll, the rapper dives deep into themes of resilience against haters, his rise from the bottom, and living life unapologetically despite the backlash. It’s a defiant anthem about sticking to your guns, acknowledging the hate but not letting it hinder your progress. Jelly Roll mixes raw, real-life experiences with a heavy dose of bravado to make his point.

The opening lines, “We the type to pull up to ya party, like, ‘Wassup wit’ y’all? E’rybody in this biz know that we don’t fuck wit’ y’all”, set the tone right away. Jelly Roll doesn’t just enter the scene; he makes it his own, declaring upfront that he’s not there to mingle with just anyone. The message here is about staying true to oneself and not lowering standards for acceptance. When he mentions slapping someone with a backhand or not needing to hit with a closed fist, it’s less about physical violence and more about the power of his words and presence.

The chorus, “It’s a lot of jealousy but life goes on, Made it from the bottom, why’d it take so long? People hatin’ on me, it’s the same old song, And the hate goes on and the hate goes on,” is Jelly Roll’s way of acknowledging the ever-present hate that comes with success. The repetition of “and the hate goes on” underlines that despite the negativity, life doesn’t stand still, and neither does he. Jelly Roll is aware of the bitter side of fame but chooses to rise above it, pushing forward with his head held high.

The verse about smoking weed, sipping syrup, and moving through the city with “eyes half open” sheds light on the rapper’s coping mechanisms. It’s Jelly Roll’s raw admission of using substances to navigate the stress and pressures of his lifestyle and industry. However, when he talks about coming from “the rubber” and showing his hustle, it’s a testament to his hard work and determination. Jelly Roll emphasizes that his success is earned through struggle and perseverance, not just talent.

In conclusion, “Hate Goes On” by Jelly Roll is a powerful testament to the rapper’s journey through adversity, his unyielding spirit, and his refusal to be brought down by the negativity that surrounds him. Through vivid storytelling and a defiant stance, Jelly Roll crafts an anthem for anyone fighting their way through the hate, making a clear statement that he’s here to stay, no matter what.

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