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Meaning of ‘Hate The Other Side’ by ‘Juice WRLD’ feat. Marshmello, The Kid LAROI, Polo G

Released: 2020 • Features: Marshmello, The Kid LAROI, Polo G

Hate The Other Side” by the late Juice WRLD, alongside Marshmello, The Kid LAROI, Polo G, is a gritty anthem of resilience and survival, as each artist reflects on their personal struggles and the harsh realities they’ve come from. It’s a masterclass in emotional vulnerability, with each verse resonating with tales of survival, the allure of success and the relentless pursuit of money amidst ongoing hardship and loss.

The repetition of “I got pain in my heart, I told you a hundred times” becomes a haunting refrain, echoing Juice WRLD’s personal pain and agonizing inner battle. The phrase “money, money, money, money, money on my mind” illustrates the artists’ single-minded pursuit of financial security, a stark contrast to the pain they’re grappling with.

In the line “Put a beam on the glizzy, don’t get caught between the lines“, ‘glizzy’ is street slang for a gun, with the ‘beam’ referring to a laser sight. The phrase ‘between the lines’ suggests the dangers lurking in the realities of street life. The phrase “Last nigga we got busy on got hit between the eyes” describes a past violent incident, further underlining the harsh street-life they’ve lived.

References to “runnin’ from the police“, “flipping a hundred” and “trap shoes” are vivid imagery of their hustling days and the precariousness of life in neighborhoods characterized by crime and poverty. The line “betrayal scars, can’t stop thinkin’ ’bout them stab wounds” alludes to the emotional wounds inflicted by disloyalty and betrayal.

The repetitive line, “I was taught to love my brothers and to hate the other side“, points towards the vicious cycle of rivalry and violence prevalent in such environments. It speaks to the ingrained hatred towards rival groups or gangs, driven by territorial disputes and the struggle over resources.

The reference to “seeing my uncle in the grave” and the subsequent line, “I done been through this shit too many times“, drive home the pain of repeated loss and trauma, revealing the aftermath of living in an environment marked by frequent deaths. This pain and loss are further iterated in the lines “My heart’s still tryna recover from pain all my life” and “I really been to hell and back a couple hundred times“.

Overall, “Hate The Other Side” is a poignant reflection of life wrapped in hardship, trauma, loss, rivalry, and the relentless pursuit of success as a means of survival. It’s a striking snapshot of the artists’ realities, skillfully packaged with candid lyricism and resonant beats.

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