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Meaning of ‘Higher We Go’ by ‘Migos’

Released: 2018

At its core, “Higher We Go” by Migos is a powerful anthem for pushing boundaries and striving for greatness, specifically within the hip-hop industry—a nod to doing it all for the love of the culture. Through their signature flow and style, Migos not only talk about their wealth and lifestyle but also emphasize their desire to elevate the genre they represent. It’s like they’re chanting a war cry to keep climbing higher in honor of hip-hop.

The song kicks off with a chant that sets the tone, literally aiming higher for the culture—this isn’t just about personal gain, it’s for the broader hip-hop community. When they dive into the verse, the racks and M’s are symbols of the success and hard work, but there’s a clear line drawn to not confuse their achievements as mere bank numbers. They talk about pulling the coupe out the race and putting the gang on your plate, reflecting their fast-paced lifestyle and the weight of their influence in the game, offering it to those willing to share their vision.

There’s a strong theme of loyalty and defense woven through the lyrics—for instance, pull the strap close case and lock a dude like these dreads imply a readiness to protect what’s theirs, and by extension, the integrity of hip-hop culture. This protective stance is not just against physical threats but also against those who might dilute or disrespect the culture. Phrases like big boy bosses in my seminar and don’t play with them lil’ boys out here underscore their status at the top and a clear distinction from those not at their level.

Then, Migos shifts gears back to a focus on their contribution to the culture, asserting their role in its elevation. The repeated mantra, Higher we go, beg and plead for the culture, almost serves as a rallying cry, emphasizing their commitment to growth and excellence in hip-hop. When they mention bigger than Oprah, Mayweather 50-0, culture, it’s about setting legendary benchmarks within their field, seeking to inspire others to reach those heights.

By the time the outro rolls in, with its lavish lifestyle and achievements mentioned—150 a choker, flooded my wrist, it’s soakin’, alongside the assertion of their unassailable status in the game—they close the song on a note that blends ostentatious displays of wealth with a solemn pledge to the upliftment of hip-hop culture. They’re not just in it for the glitz; Migos sees themselves as custodians of the culture, pushing it to heights unknown, all while navigating the traps and challenges that come with their territory.

“Higher We Go” is more than just an album opener; it’s Migos’ declaration of their journey, ambitions, and their unwavering focus on elevating the scene they dominate. It’s an anthem that encapsulates the blend of personal success and cultural dedication that defines much of hip-hop’s narrative today.

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