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Meaning of ‘Huntin’ Wabbitz’ by ‘J. Cole’

Released: 2024

J. Cole’s lyrics here are packed with confronting imagery, clever wordplay, and a deep sense of introspection, reflecting his journey, mindset, and position in the rap game. Let’s break down the meaning behind each section.

“Shh / Be very, very quiet / I’m huntin’ wabbits / Goddamn (uh)”

J. Cole opens with a playful reference to Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes, setting a tone of hunting or chasing after something. This could symbolize his relentless pursuit of success and dominance in the rap industry.

“Fuck runnin’ in place, I’d never do that, my destination is runnin’ the map”

Here, Cole asserts his ambition and drive, emphasizing that he’s not content with stagnation. Instead, he aims to conquer and lead in the rap world.

“I’ll run in your trap like, ‘Run me your work ‘fore somebody get hurt,’ nigga, run or get clapped”

This line conveys aggression and a take-no-prisoners attitude, suggesting that Cole is ready to take what he wants by force if necessary, highlighting the competitive nature of the industry.

“I ain’t cool with these dudes, I don’t fool with these dudes / I don’t wanna show love, I don’t wanna give dap”

Cole distances himself from fake friendships and superficial industry relationships, indicating that he values authenticity and real connections.

“I just wanna kick back, take trips, make hits, make big chips, stack ’til they tall as Kristaps”

This section outlines his goals of enjoying life, creating successful music, and accumulating wealth, with a comparison to Kristaps Porziņģis, a notably tall NBA player.

“Me and your squad is mismatch / Your calves ain’t strong enough to follow his path”

Cole implies that others can’t keep up with his pace or match his skills, metaphorically stating that their “calves” (stamina and strength) are insufficient.

“And you know the bitch bad if I brought the bitch back / Let the chick ride stick like I taught her witchcraft”

Using provocative language, Cole boasts about his ability to attract and impress women, likening his skills to teaching witchcraft.

“Caught a whiplash when they saw the whip pass / They like, ‘Okay, I see you,’ bitch, how could you not?”

Cole describes the reaction to his success and material possessions, with “whip” referring to his car and “whiplash” symbolizing the shock or surprise of onlookers.

“I drove to CVS, copped a Plan B and I watched as she swallowed, bitch, I kid you not / Can’t take no risk in this game, my money grew, but my ambition’s the same”

In a controversial line, Cole mentions buying a Plan B pill, underscoring his cautious approach to life and career. Despite his financial growth, his ambition remains unchanged.

“Talk to me proper, you lookin’ like Q at the locker, I pop up how Bishop had Kain”

Referencing the film Juice, Cole positions himself as a powerful figure (Bishop) who commands respect and authority.

“What’s up? Niggas gon’ put some respect on my name / One way or another”

He demands respect and recognition for his achievements, indicating that he will earn it through his actions.

“I work the whole winter to take over summer / They late to the party ’cause they overslumbered”

Cole highlights his work ethic, preparing during the off-season to dominate when it matters. He criticizes those who missed opportunities due to laziness or complacency.

“Don’t hop on it now, nigga, stay over yonder / I’m on Rodeo, I’m bummy / I’m ’bout to get fly like my layover comin'”

He addresses bandwagon fans, telling them to stay away if they weren’t supportive from the start. He contrasts his current casual appearance with his imminent rise.

“I promise I don’t feel a day over twenty / They hatin’ from so far away and it’s funny”

Despite his success and age, Cole feels youthful and energetic. He finds amusement in distant critics.

“I’m clappin’ at niggas like they owe me money / Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop, click / Shit, now the clip lookin’ like Chick-fil-A on a Sunday”

Cole uses a metaphor of firing a gun (clapping) to deal with adversaries, likening an empty clip to Chick-fil-A being closed on Sundays, emphasizing his ruthlessness.

“He keeps killing us, father / He keeps taking and taking / I want to-“

These lines might be interpreted as Cole reflecting on his impact and dominance, or they could symbolize the struggles and losses in his community.

“Pop in a new one and let off again / Always knew we was gon’ get our revenge / Aim at whoever ain’t dead, I will win”

He expresses a relentless drive to succeed and overcome obstacles, with a determination to achieve revenge on doubters or enemies.

“You thought ’cause I’m god of this rap shit that I’d just forget all the sins? / Oh, how you wish / He dope as a hundred and ten-hour binge”

Cole challenges the notion that his success would make him complacent, comparing his talent to an intense, addictive experience.

“Everybody say that they start at the bottom / I don’t care to doubt ’em, but this how it ends, nigga / Look at you, son / Look at what you’ve become / This how it ends”

He reflects on the common narrative of starting from the bottom, asserting that he’s focused on his own journey and its conclusion.

“Never see no one get this high again / Globetrotter shit, bitch, that’s just how I spin”

Cole boasts about his unparalleled success, comparing his global reach and influence to the Harlem Globetrotters’ basketball prowess.

“Word to my palm, bitch, I’m too locked in / I hit ’em up, bitch, I’m 2Pac twin / Came up ’round sharks, so that’s just how I swim”

He emphasizes his dedication and skill, aligning himself with Tupac’s legacy. Growing up in a tough environment shaped his resilience and survival instincts.

“I’m sorry / I’m so sorry for what I’ve done”

Ending on a note of regret or reflection, Cole acknowledges the consequences of his actions and choices, possibly hinting at a sense of remorse for the impact of his ambition.

J. Cole’s verse is a rich mix of ambition, introspection, and bravado, reflecting his journey and mindset as a dominant force in the rap industry. Through vivid imagery and clever wordplay, he paints a picture of his relentless drive, the challenges he faces, and his determination to leave a lasting legacy.

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