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Meaning of ‘I C Your Bullshit’ by ‘Snoop Dogg’

Released: 2019

In “I C Your Bullshit” by Snoop Dogg, the legendary rapper pulls no punches in calling out the fakes and phonies in his circle and beyond. The track is a blunt dismissal of those who pretend to be something they’re not, emphasizing Snoop’s zero tolerance for insincerity and deceit.

The song opens with a repetitive chorus that serves as Snoop’s blunt announcement: “I c your bullshit”. This line is more than just a call-out; it’s an assertion of Snoop’s ability to see through the lies and the persona people project. He stresses that despite their claims of change, these individuals remain the same at their core: “You ain’t changed”. Snoop makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with such people, asking them to “Stay the fuck away from me”. This opening sets the stage for the rest of the song, as Snoop dives deeper into his criticisms.

In the verses that follow, Snoop zeroes in on specific behaviors and attitudes that exemplify the “bullshit” he’s calling out. He mentions people who act like they’ve evolved but are actually stuck in their fraudulent ways: “Fake-fake as my last bitch, flunky ass”. Here, Snoop uses vivid imagery to criticize those who pretend to be something they’re not, comparing them to a deceptive ex-partner and calling out their clumsiness in juggling lies. He moves on to skewer people who show off wealth, like driving expensive cars, or pretend to be in love when they’re just looking for a financial benefactor: “Oh, you thinkin’ that she love you? No, she just needs a sponsor”. Snoop’s lyricism paints a picture of a superficial world filled with individuals who put on a facade to gain status, love, or material possessions.

The rapper then challenges the intelligence and authenticity of these individuals, using rhetorical questions to emphasize their lack of substance: “Why you actin’ smart when you not?”. Snoop expresses his inability to continue associating with such people, emphasizing his intolerance for their manipulative tactics and false bravado. He warns them of the consequences of their actions, hinting at his influence and the real dangers in the hip-hop community for those who continue to spread “bullshit”.

Finally, Snoop addresses those who only reach out when they need financial help, completely ignoring personal bonds or shared history: “Every time I see you, you beg a nigga for money”. This line exposes the shallow, transactional nature of the relationships Snoop is critiquing. He concludes by distancing himself from such individuals, declaring his superiority and determination to stay away from their negativity.

Throughout “I C Your Bullshit”, Snoop Dogg uses his sharp wit, vivid storytelling, and unapologetic attitude to deliver a powerful message about authenticity, respect, and self-worth. He lays bare the reality of deceitful behaviors in his circles, asserting his refusal to engage with or tolerate such actions. This track isn’t just a song; it’s Snoop drawing a line in the sand against fakeness in all its forms.

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