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Meaning of ‘I Like You’ by ‘Post Malone’ feat. Doja Cat

Released: 2022Features: Doja Cat”I Like You” by Post Malone, is a track where both artists are confessing their feelings for someone. It’s a blend of appreciation for both emotional connection and materialistic pleasures, while also dealing with the expectations and hazards of fame. It’s clear here, love ain’t straightforward in the fast lane, and both Post Malone and Doja Cat know it too well.

The lyrics see Post professing his feelings to a girl, expressing his desires to go on luxury experiences with her. “Go shoppin’ in the Benz”, “We went over to France, then we woke up in Japan” hint towards a lavish lifestyle where they enjoy the finer things in life. The phrase “pull his girl like a hammy” suggests that Post is confident enough to steal the girl from her current boyfriend. The mention of “Maybach Candy” and “PCH” refers to the ultra-luxurious car brand and the famed Pacific Coast Highway, reinforcing the extravagant vibe.

Transitioning to a life of fame, Post talks about surrounding himself with genuine people, rather than those drawn to his celebrity status. He’s yearning for someone who can ground him – a ‘good girl’. Here, he’s sincere about his feelings and wants honesty in return – “Please be true, don’t fuck around with me”.

Doja Cat, in her verse, matches Post’s flirtatious energy. She teases her interest in him and playfully brushes off his attempts to impress her. The line, “He love the way I drip, turn that pool to the beach”, stresses on her alluring persona that has the man hooked. The references to “Birkin” and “Celine” both high-end fashion brands, again points towards the shared preference for luxury. When Doja says, “Stole the pussy, you ain’t get sued for that”, she flips the script and implies that she holds the power, not the man.

The closing of the song brings back the chorus’ sentiments, tying together the overriding theme of desire for a genuine connection amidst a lifestyle of fast cars, international trips, and brand-name shopping sprees. Despite the materialistic references, what both artists are craving in the end, is a bond that’s real and lasting. They just want to like and be liked in return. So, let’s say, amidst all the glitz and glamour, “I Like You (A Happier Song)” is just a raw, heartfelt shout-out to vulnerability and love.

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