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Meaning of ‘Ice Cream’ by ‘Raekwon’ feat. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Cappadonna

Released: 1995

Features: Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Cappadonna

“Ice Cream” by Raekwon, featuring Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Cappadonna, is a classic east coast hip-hop track that uses clever wordplay and vivid imagery to illustrate the artists’ attraction to and pursuits of different types of women, using variuous flavors of ice cream as a metaphor. With its soulful beat and playful lyrics, the track uses sensual innuendo and creative metaphors to illustrate urban street life and the dynamics of romantic interests.

When Raekwon kicks off the song with “Watch these rap niggaz get all up in your guts / French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe”, it’s clear we’re in for a sweet ride. In this context, “get all up in your guts” is a suggestive phrase, referring to sexual intimacy. The ice cream flavors represent different types of women, with each flavor being a metaphor for their physical appearances and personalities. It’s a creative way to express their appreciation for all kinds of women.

Ghostface Killah continues the narrative, maintaining the central metaphor of women as ice cream. He takes a more romantic approach, talking about wanting to “make a team” with a woman, and making the bold claim: “You can have anything in this world except CREAM” – CREAM being an acronym for ‘Cash Rules Everything Around Me’. This entire verse is laced with urban slang and the Wu-Tang Clan’s unique lyrical style, expressing the worthiness of the woman and the pursuit of her.

Method Man comes in with his verse, illustrating the sensual and sexual aspect of their relationships with women more explicitly: “I love you like I love my dick size / Ooh baby I miss you, your sweet tender touches”. In the context of the song, it’s an unabashed admittance of physical attraction to these women, again likened to different ice cream flavors. His raw expression of his desire for women adds a layer of depth to the song’s theme.

The song’s recurring chorus, delivered by Method Man, affirms their admiration for women, representing different women as flavors of ice cream. In a way, it’s a call to women to pay attention to their effortless romantic pursuits, with the phrase “Wu tears it up” asserting their dominance in these pursuits.

Overall, “Ice Cream” is not just a song about the pursuit of women. It’s a clever and playful track that showcases the lyrical prowess of the Wu-Tang Clan while adding a sensual layer to their aggressive and raw brand of hip-hop.

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