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Meaning of ‘Kiss It Better’ by ‘Rihanna’

Released: 2016

“Kiss It Better” by Rihanna dives deep into the complexities of a turbulent romantic relationship, filled with tension and undeniable chemistry. It explores the push and pull of love, highlighting the inevitable return to one’s partner despite the conflicts. The song’s vibe is smooth and sultry, reflecting a desperate longing for resolution and passion.

From the start, “Kiss it, kiss it better, baby,” sets the tone of needing reconciliation. “Been waitin’ on that sunshine, boy, I think I need that back” shows the longing for better times in the relationship. Rihanna makes it clear that no one else can replace her partner’s touch, saying, “Can’t do it like that, no one else gon’ get it like that.”

There’s an undertone of frustration and resignation in, “So why argue? You yell, but ya take me back. Who cares when it feels like crack?” The comparison to a drug highlights the addictive nature of their love. “Man, fuck yo’ pride” underscores the need to put aside ego for the sake of their bond, urging her partner to “take it on back” and fix what’s broken.

The repetitive nature of, “Kiss it, kiss it better, baby” reaffirms the song’s theme of seeking comfort through physical intimacy. Rihanna’s line, “Hurtin’ vibe, man, it hurts inside when I look you in yo’ eye” speaks to the emotional pain of unresolved issues. This pain is palpable throughout.

The chorus, “What are you willing to do? Tell me what you’re willing to do”, challenges her partner to show commitment and effort to mend their relationship. It’s a plea for action, not just words. There’s a sense of urgency in, “I’ve been waitin’ up all night, baby, tell me, what’s wrong? You’re gonna make it right, make it all night long”, expressing a need for immediate resolution.

Rihanna reiterates, “Man, fuck yo’ pride”, emphasizing humility and vulnerability as keys to reconciliation. Throughout the song, the constant repetition of the chorus and the bridge emphasizes the cyclical nature of their relationship—they fight, make up, and repeat. It’s a real and raw portrayal of love’s emotional rollercoaster.

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