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Meaning of ‘Learn from Each Other’ by ‘Majid Jordan’

Released: 2016

“Learn from Each Other” by Majid Jordan speaks to the soul like a smooth groove that’s hard to ignore. It’s all about the journey of love, understanding, and personal growth. The track delves deep into the complexity of relationships, highlighting the need for mutual learning and growth. Majid Jordan lays down the fact – love isn’t just about the highs; it’s about what you discover when you hit the lows too.

From the jump, the lyrics “Thought I knew what it was the first time I saw you, But I only found out when you walked away” hit you with the harsh truth that sometimes, you don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone. But here’s the kicker – it’s in these moments of loss that the *real* learning begins. “Yeah, it’s easy to fall into a cycle” speaks volumes about the routine traps couples can fall into, losing sight of growth and change, which are crucial.

“See, we can only learn from each “other” is the recurring theme that drills down the essence of mutual growth in a relationship. It’s a raw reminder that being with someone isn’t just about the good times. It’s about evolving together, through the thick and thin, recognizing that each person is a mirror reflecting what we need to see in ourselves.

The heart of the song captures a sense of vulnerability, especially with the lines, “I only know how to be myself when I’m with you.” It’s a powerful acknowledgment of how true connections can bring out the most authentic versions of ourselves – something we often struggle to find alone.

Equally, the repetition of “We can only learn from each other” towards the end isn’t just a catchy hook; it’s the central thesis of the song. It represents the continuous loop of learning and growing in relationships. It’s a message that resonates, urging everyone who’s in love, been in love, or is chasing love, to look deeper into what it means to truly be with another person.

So, when Majid Jordan sings, “I’m losing myself, I’m losing myself, I’m losing myself,” it doesn’t just speak to a fear of losing identity but also highlights the bittersweet process of intertwining your life with someone else’s. Love is as much about finding yourself in another as it is about retaining your essence.

In essence, “Learn from Each Other” is a musical exploration of love’s complexities. The track doesn’t shy away from addressing the challenges but instead, turns them into an anthem of growth and understanding. Majid Jordan masterfully uses the song as a canvas to depict that in love, the most profound lessons come from each other. And that, folks, is the beauty of it.

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