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Meaning of ‘LET GO’ by ‘Central Cee’

Released: 2022

Central Cee’s “LET GO” dives into the tangled mess of emotions that come with heartbreak and regret, over a track that mirrors the introspection of Passenger’s “Let Her Go”. This song paints a vivid picture of missing someone once they’re gone, and the internal struggles that come with trying to move on.

With lines like “You only need the light when it’s burnin’ low,” and “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow,” Central Cee sets the tone. He’s saying that people often don’t realize what they have until it’s lost. The repetition of “Only know you love her when you let her go” hammers home the regret and self-awareness that comes with hindsight. The phrase “You said that pussy mine, so why’d you let it go? Haha, you’re such a ho,” adds an angry, accusatory layer to the narrative.

Cee’s verse starts with, “I loved you until you try to get in my head, and that’s why I lost respect.” He’s addressing the emotional manipulation from his ex, indicating why things fell apart. “I changed my bedsheets, but I still smell your flesh” portrays his struggle to move on, reflecting the lingering impact of their relationship. The line “This girl make me feel like less of a man ’cause I’m feelin’ depressed and stuff” showcases his vulnerability and how deeply affected he is by the breakup.

“Can’t believe I was willin’ to drop everyone and invest in us” shows the deep level of his commitment, which only adds to his feeling of betrayal. “Our chemistry felt like quantum physics” is a metaphor for how complex and intense their connection was. Yet, “Move out of London town, then move to a rural village,” followed by “Won’t chase if my heart ain’t in it, it’s finished,” indicates that he’s trying to distance himself emotionally and physically from the pain.

The chorus repeats, reinforcing the theme of understanding and valuing someone only after they’re gone. “You said that pussy mine, so why’d you let it go? Haha, you’re such a ho” reiterates his incredulity and bitterness over the breakup.

In the second verse, “I called four times on a private caller, I feel like a creep” shows how the breakup has affected his self-esteem and made him feel desperate. “I know there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but I fucked those girls, got you in my mind” speaks to his attempts to move on physically, but mentally, he’s still stuck on his ex. “There’s no intimacy and additionally, it’s obligatory” reflects the emptiness he feels in these meaningless pursuits.

“Typed in your bank details and sent you a bag, I’m rich like, bitch, unblock me” exposes the lengths he’s willing to go to reconnect, even resorting to transactional measures. It’s an admission of how powerless he feels. “Your new man ain’t got nothin’ on me, fuck your annual wage, I can make that monthly” is both a flex and a sign of his wounded pride, as he tries to prove he’s better than her new partner, even financially.

The song closes with the same lines from the intro, reinforcing the cyclical nature of regret and realization in relationships. Central Cee’s message is clear: sometimes you only understand the value of what you had after it’s too late, and the pain of that realization can be overwhelming.

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