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Meaning of ‘Lithuania’ by ‘Big Sean’ feat. Travis Scott

Released: 2020 • Features: Travis Scott

“Lithuania” by Big Sean, featuring the transcendent Travis Scott, is a haughty and triumphant hip-hop anthem, an exploration of fame, resilience, success, and love. The lyrics traverse through the artists’ lifestyle full of glamour, difficulties, and determination, underpinned by their associations with love and women.

In the initial verse, “I’m too fleek to take off all my shit at TSA (fleek)”, Big Sean uses current slang “fleek” – meaning sleek or stylish. He’s so stylish he doesn’t even want to take off his jewelry or streetwear at the TSA checkpoint — providing a sneak peek into the ostentatious lifestyle that hip-hop stardom affords. The phrase “Might go extra-extra just so I could see they face” refers to going over the top or making a grand gesture for the pleasure of seeing people’s stunned reactions.

“Keep X’s and O’s in interchange” is a reference to the game of tic-tac-toe. The X’s and O’s represent his wins and misses in life, suggesting that his journey to success is just like a game, full of highs and lows. “Big rings in a row all down my fingers” is a reference to the lavish jewelry often associated with hip hop culture. In the lyrics “Tryna snatch you home, my Lithuania,” he refers to a woman as “Lithuania,” symbolizing his attraction towards her and his intention to win her over.

Travis Scott comes through with a verse touching on his fame and opulent lifestyle. With lines like “Long list of problems, long list of blessings” he’s expressing that his journey has been filled with challenges and blessings in equal measure. “Savage Fenty matching with the lingerie socks” clearly references the Rihanna’s popular lingerie line, showing Scott’s attraction towards ambitious and fashion-forward women. The phrase “”Success is a chain reaction, I’m the fuckin’ missing link” is a wordplay – acknowledging his crucial role in his own successful career, with ‘link’ cleverly illustrating his place in the larger industry chain.

As a closing thought, “Lithuania” captures the spirit of hip-hop – magnifying unique personal experiences, while also reflecting on the broader societal and cultural contexts. Floating on a psychedelic beat, Big Sean and Travis Scott concoct a mix of buoyant bravado and reflective introspections – a testament to their journeys and standing in the hip-hop arena.

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