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Meaning of ‘Love Scars’ by ‘Trippie Redd’

Released: 2017

“Love Scars” by Trippie Redd is on its surface a song about a love gone sour, filled with the raw emotions of heartbreak. Our man Trippie uses vivid imagery and personal sentiments to convey how bad this breakup has hit him, shining a real light on the intense pain that can come from love’s end.

Trippie Redd opens by reminiscing about the love he once shared with this girl, emphasizing the heartache of their current state with lines like “Now look where the fuck where we at“. The “Love scars“, as he refers to them, have left him “real sad“, a clear indication of the pain inflicted by the breakup. When he says “Lookin’ like you had a past“, it suggests his ex had a history he wasn’t aware of, further deepening his sense of deception and hurt.

In the changeable flow of the hook, he desires just a minute of her love, symbolizing the tender side of his heart. Then he toughens up, denying her any hand on his money, ’cause he’s the captain here. The “bloody“, “whoadie“, and “bousins” are all terms from gang slang, nodding to his hustler side. The “B’s” and “C’s” further intensify the gang references, while also anchoring the lyrics in the broader context of hip-hop as a reflection of street life. His disgust about her “nasty” behavior completes the picture of a love that’s definitely over.

The final verse sees him sitting back in his Balenciaga, mixing lemonade with Hennessey – a view into the lavish lifestyle that hip-hop often glorifies. Yet, there’s no hiding the hurt as he declares he doesn’t need his ex anymore. This song encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster of a breakup, using both soft and tough language to express the complex feelings at play.

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