Released: 2023

Features: Coi Leray

“LUXURY LIFE” by Coi Leray and Busta Rhymes is a lyrical power play demonstrating their success, influence, and unshakeable position in the rap game. Not only do they celebrate a lavish lifestyle, but they also address past relationships, their supremacy in the hip hop scene, and their ability to navigate through adversity and criticism.

The song kicks off with Coi Leray exuding self-confidence and empowering her younger sister by advising her not to allow past relationships to sour her view on life — “We ain’t talkin’ about that coward, boo” and “don’t turn that pussy into sour fruit.” This advice holds weight with the underlying message that it’s essential to move forward and not let hurt from past relationships distract you from your hustle. Drawing on her own experience, she asserts herself as a role model, letting her sister know that “girls are players too,” denoting that women can also hold their own in the game of life.

Further in the track, she flips the script on the typical ‘rap success narrative,’ detailing how they “got a lot” and how others “pray on our downfall like we supposed to stop.” This defiance against doubters and haters emphasizes their determination to succeed against all odds. The line “Luxury life, we livin’ over the top” is a testament to their enormous achievements and the luxurious lifestyle that came with it, reinforcing the theme of success and prosperity.

Busta Rhymes LUXURY LIFE (feat. Coi Leray)

Busta Rhymes jumps in with a verse that reinforces his place in the hip-hop pantheon. His bragging rights include references to his longevity in the industry and his significant contributions to music. He presents himself as an iconic figure, saying, “when you see me, you supposed to see yourself in my reflection,” meaning he sees himself as a mirror for up-and-coming artists to aspire to. His claim to be “immaculate” and “attackin’ these bitches, trackin’ it” uses forceful language to emphasize his aggressive and unyielding approach to the rap game.

The chorus resonates with the theme of the song — enjoying the high life, embodying success and taking no notice of naysayers. The repeated phrase “You talk too much, your friends is callin’ my phone” hints at unwanted attention and unwanted advice, displaying their annoyance at being the center of gossip and rumors. However, in the end, they brush it off as they continue to celebrate their successes.