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Meaning of ‘Mesmerize’ by ‘Ja Rule’ feat. Ashanti

Released: 2002

Features: Ashanti

“Mesmerize” by Ja Rule featuring Ashanti is a flirty exchange between two lovers, exploring the chemistry, sexual tension, and affection between them. The narrative immerses us in their intimate moments, from playful banter to deep confessions of love, all underpinned by a strong, undeniable physical attraction.

The song opens with Ja Rule fondly describing his lover’s gaze, lips, smile, hips, and thighs. He complements her presence with his desires, revealing a shared warmth and attraction. The line “got a fetish for fuckin’ you witcha skirt on” conveys the intense physical desire, the raw passion they share. There is a sense of impatience in “What’s takin’ so long? I’m gettin’ anxious,” revealing his anticipation and yearning for her.

Still, he isn’t only concerned with physical pleasure; he also highlights their emotional connection in “Between me and you, we can find each other.” The reference to “flyin’ abroad in my private G-2” implies the couple’s shared escapades and luxurious lifestyle. His declaration “I ain’t tryin’ to G you, ma I’m tryin’ to see you” underlines his genuine interest in their relationship rather than just a fling.

Ja Rule then compares his love-making skills to the tenacity of the legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan, implying his dedication and prowess. Despite the boastful comparison, he shows his understanding of his partner’s need to be happy.

Then enters Ashanti, the woman who’s captivated him. She acknowledges their connection and her desire to be with him despite the challenges. The stanza, “I’ve been goin’ half crazy for your love,” speaks of her desire, while “I was told that the sex, better than drugs,” underlines the addictive nature of their relationship.

As the song progresses, Ja Rule worries she might be getting bored, but remains confident about his charm and the strong bond they share. Ashanti reassures him by expressing her understanding of the dynamics of their relationship, emphasizing that their love transcends mere physical attraction.

The song wraps with a sweet reaffirmation of the bond they share. Despite the explicit nature of some lines, “Mesmerize” at its core is a lyrical testament to an impassioned relationship filled with sexual chemistry and romantic bonding. The final lines hint at their trust and mutual respect, making this track a quintessential love anthem in the realm of hip-hop.

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