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Meaning of ‘mirrors’ by ‘Jhené Aiko’

Released: 2021

Jhené Aiko’s track “mirrors – Bonus” is a deep dive into self-reflection and the struggles of self-perception. She uses the metaphor of a mirror to explore themes of self-worth and identity, urging listeners to consider their positive attributes even when faced with doubts and insecurities.

The song opens with a soft acknowledgment and sets up the central metaphor: “If I’m your reflection, then baby, you must be an angel.” Here, Aiko is implying that if someone sees themselves as good or pure when they look in the mirror, they must indeed be special. When she sings, “when the light hits you just right, one could mistake you for a star,” it emphasizes the idea that everyone has a radiant, star-like quality within them that shines under the right conditions.

However, the narrative shifts as she mentions “a glimpse in the mirror, to make sure you are still there.” This line speaks to checking one’s self to confirm they haven’t lost their sense of identity. But as “the night takes over,” Aiko describes a feeling of absence and fragmentation: “Your face in broken pieces, don’t you look down.” This imagery suggests a struggle with maintaining a positive self-image when faced with inner darkness.

The chorus, “Oh, you’re my reflection, so tell me, why can’t you be more clear?” questions the clarity of self-perception and the confusion it can cause. Aiko addresses the feelings of regret and emotional baggage, asserting, “Can’t be regrettin’ all that you’ve done, and have undone, that shit don’t matter here.” She encourages focusing on positive experiences and not being bogged down by past mistakes or uncertainties.

As the night metaphor continues, she reinforces the idea of isolation and vulnerability, “But then the night takes over, and there is no one else around.” The repeated imagery of a face in broken pieces culminates in an urgent plea to not look down, symbolizing that giving in to despair isn’t the solution. Jhené Aiko suggests finding strength in recognizing one’s value, despite the internal struggles.

In essence, this song is a poignant reminder of the importance of self-love and the ongoing journey to see oneself clearly and positively, even amid challenges and self-doubt.

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