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Meaning of ‘Mustard’ by ‘Boldy James’ feat. The Alchemist

Released: 2020

Yo, we’re about to dive straight into the hard streets of Detroit with “Mustard” by Boldy James and The Alchemist. This track is a gritty, unfiltered look into the street life and gangster mentality that’s as cold and relentless as the Detroit winters. It’s about survival, power, and a disregard for the conventional rules of society.

The first verse starts with Boldy reflecting on his enemies, calling them “late bloomers”, implying they were late to the game of street life compared to him. He also refers to a potential kidnapping, hinting at the dark acts he’s willing to commit for survival. He talks about opening up spots in Vegas, suggesting his activity isn’t just local to Detroit, but more widespread.

Moving into the chorus, Boldy talks about girls in the hood turning to strippers, doing favors for anyone who has made it big. The line “Unless you fuckin’, bitch need to get spayed” hits hard, showing the brutal view of women in this environment. His disdain seeps through as he talks about how the money and fame have “jaded” him.

The references to “the Most High”, and the mention of “no flesh wounds, we don’t do grazes,” indicate that in this world, there’s no room for half-measures, whether it’s in faith or in violence. Basically, it’s all or nothing. When he says “Put some money on my head, we’ll raise it”, it’s like a dare, saying he thrives on the danger.

The song ends with audio clips from The Godfather Part III and Scarface, two iconic gangster films, mirroring the harsh realities of gangster life portrayed in the lyrics. The lines show a reluctance to leave the life, love for the danger and action, and in the final line, a desire for thorough revenge.

True to its name, just like mustard, the song is intense, bold, and packs a punch. It’s a brutal reflection of street life, where survival isn’t guaranteed, and the rules are written in blood and bullets.

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