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Meaning of ‘Musty Freestyle’ by ‘Drakeo the Ruler’ feat. OHGEESY

Released: 2018 • Features: OHGEESY

“Musty Freestyle” by Drakeo the Ruler, featuring OHGEESY, is a potent display of both artists’ lyrical prowess and street-centric storytelling. It’s steeped in the grittiness of urban life, delving into contentious themes like drug distribution, violence, and status flexing, while maintaining a sense of humor and swagger. Definitely, it’s the kind of track that encapsulates the essence of the underground L.A. rap scene.

Starting off, Drakeo blends bravado with grim undertones, an invocation of “soul snatch” that links to the dangerous consequences of his actions, while “Grim reaper, street sweeper, feet Neimans, speak to me” emphasizes his affinity for fancy footwear and ability to cause havoc when necessary. Additionally, he alludes to his previous run-ins with law enforcement through “I could’ve went to Alcatraz,” asserting bravely that he’s no stranger to the game.

Drakeo’s reflection on his more brash behaviour, “Wildin’ all in traffic with a Uzi, on buffoonery,” reveals his unwavering audacity and tendency towards risk-taking. The “strangling Judas’s” line echoes a biblical reference, marking his ruthlessness towards those who betray him. Moving onto fashion, he explicitly states his abiding preference, “I got Bally, I got Louis, I ain’t really into Prada,” using these affluent brands as a measure of his success.

“Musty,” the titular word of the track, represents a distinct street slang denoting something of high quality or potency. So when Drakeo says, “bitch the fit been musty”, he’s making it clear that his attire is top-notch. His concluding verse further amplifies this link between style and status, shouting out to Margielas and Moncler, while highlighting his extravagant spending habits.

OHGEESY’s entrance carries the chorus of the song, defining himself and Drakeo as significant figures within their city, desired by many and equating their presence to the powerful allure of a potent drug – hence the repetition of “musty”. The statement, “It must be Ohgees ’cause he stay serving custy” reiterates their dominant role in the music scene, having an impact akin to drug dealers who ‘serve’ a ‘hungry’ audience.

Drakeo’s closing monologue is packed with bravado and humor. He belittles his competitors by likening them to Suge Knight, the infamous music executive known for his heavy-handed tactics –yet he reduces their threats to mere bluster, assuring them that size and reputation don’t make one invincible. The narrative ends with a confident assertion of his place in the game – unshaken, unbroken, and dominating.

In the end, “Musty Freestyle” is a testament to Drakeo and OHGEESY’s thriving underground rap life – a chaotic, thrilling ride through their version of the hip-hop landscape, filled with daring tales and an unapologetic display of their street-earned status.

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