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Meaning of ‘My Way’ by ‘Charlotte Day Wilson’

Released: 2024

The song “My Way” by Charlotte Day Wilson, is an introspective exploration of the struggle between personal desires and the reality of relationships. It’s a soulful reflection on love and lust, set against the backdrop of a persistent quest for self-determination and unapologetic passion.

The opening lines, “If I had my way/I’d rather part ways”, express a clear yearning for self-rule and a desire to break free from emotional constraints. Lost in a haze, used here, isn’t about confusion. It’s about an emotional fog, where there’s a strong sentiment of dissatisfaction and a desperate need for freedom.

“Magic trick, smoke and mirrors/They disappear when she’s near” is a powerful metaphor, implying that the allure of a new lover transcends everything else, almost like an enchanting illusion. The verse “You lost in a race, love, you can’t compete/It’s ruthless, I’m sorry”, hints at a love triangle, where the speaker seems remorseful, but is candid about their unapologetic pursuit of passion, describing it as a ruthless competition.

The chorus “Living in the clouds that never rain/And just like the seasons, feelings change”, metaphorically speaks to the fickle impermanence of emotions, comparing it to the ebb and flow of seasons and the cloud’s dogged refusal to rain. It underscores the agony and elation that form the rhythm of love.

The lines, “When I am with her, I feel no pain/With liquor on my tongue, I just might say/’Can I have it my way, my way?'”, convey a vivid image of intoxicating love that tends to dissolve pain. The liquor on the tongue symbolizes a loosening of inhibitions and the courage to ask for things exactly as one desires.

The verse “I’m not awake ’til she’s in front of me” portrays a yearning so deep it permeates the narrator’s consciousness, implying an emotional awakening only in the presence of this new lover.

The ending lines, “Sorry, it’s over/It’s my lust, can’t control her” is an assertive admission of lust over love, choosing passion over fidelity. This whole song is a bold claim to personal autonomy in matters of the heart.

“My Way” by Charlotte Day Wilson is a brilliant crossroads where introspection meets the emancipation of one’s desires, seamlessly blending soul-baring honesty with bold assertion.

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