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Meaning of ‘Never Lose Me’ by ‘Flo Milli’

Released: 2023

“Never Lose Me” is a raw expression of Flo Milli’s empowered persona. This track is a candid proclamation of Milli’s worth in a relationship; she’s irreplaceable and she knows it. Flo Milli flaunts her assertive personality and luxurious lifestyle, while sending a clear message to her significant other about her indispensability.

She begins the track with repetitions of the hook “Never had a bitch like me in your life” – a clear statement of her self-worth. The ‘bitch’ here is an empowered and assertive woman in control of her relationships and life. It’s not a derogatory term, but a reclaiming of the word. She further punctuates her lavish lifestyle with references to him speeding in a Rolls-Royce Wraith, a luxury vehicle, and her attire being Emilio Pucci, an upscale Italian fashion brand.

Moving on, she equates her sexual encounters to an experience like watching an engrossing movie, emphasizing the power and intensity of their relationship. The line, “Raw bitch, ain’t never been a groupie”, upholds her individuality and dismisses any notions of her being a mere follower or fan of her partner. She prefers her partner to be ‘bougie’– a term derived from bourgeoisie, signifying someone who inclines towards luxury and high-class lifestyle.

The next part introduces a cultural reference where she mentions “Keep me a Haitian; I love me a Zoe”. “Zoe” is a term used within the Haitian community to refer to someone who is street-smart and savvy. She insinuates excitement about her preferences for partners who are both worldly and sophisticated.

She then shifts gears and confronts the partner, saying “How you gon’ prove you could treat me right?”, demanding reassurance that she’s valued in their relationship. The distinct line “You stole my heart like a thief in the night”, metaphorically implies that she’s fallen deeply in love, almost unexpectedly.

Lastly, the backpage of the song circles back to her initial thoughts, reaffirming her prosperous lifestyle (“Doin’ good, bitch, I’m Gucci”) and her high standards in relationships (“I like my nigga bougie”). She concludes by reiterating the cautionary plea to her partner to never lose her, restating her worth in their relationship.

Overall, Flo Milli induces a powerful narrative in “Never Lose Me” that showcases her self-assuredness, her high-end lifestyle, and the importance she places on being desired and irreplaceable in a relationship.

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