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Meaning of ‘Nice For What’ by ‘Drake’

Released: 2018

“Nice For What” by Drake celebrates women who hustle hard and live their own lives on their own terms. It’s a tribute to the strong, independent women who don’t rely on anyone and still manage to shine. Drake mixes appreciation with a message for these women not to worry about anyone who doesn’t reciprocate their efforts.

In the opening, Drake poses a question about who’s representing, setting a communal and introspective tone. With the sampled Lauryn Hill vocals, he’s expressing the disappointment felt when promises are broken. This chorus lays the foundation for the theme of self-appreciation and resilience.

Drake kicks off the verse by calling out his audience to embrace the moment, urging a woman who’s been reserved to let loose and live freely. Her independence shines through with phrases like “everything paid for,” showing she handles her business without assistance. The phone imagery reflects the modern era of capturing and sharing moments, snapping pics like Fabo (a nod to rapper Fabolous known for his presence).

The hook reinforces the need to enjoy life because “it’s a short life.” Drake reminds that living for oneself is essential, even if it means showing off every now and then. It’s a call to celebrate self-worth unapologetically.

As the second verse hits, Drake praises women who exude confidence without needing social media validation. “Piping up on these niggas” signifies stepping up their game regardless of past relationships. He acknowledges their grind, the double shifts, and the weekend escapes as overdue rewards for their efforts.

The bridge transitions into a breakdown that hypes the ladies up to continue being unapologetic in their self-expression. The repetition of “gotta make that jump” signifies making bold moves, both literally in dancing and metaphorically in life.

The final repetitions tie back to the realness in one’s reflection and reinforcing the sentiment of self-worth without needing external validation. Drake wraps it up by looping back to the central chorus, commemorating care and commitment but ultimately focusing on living one’s life fully.

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