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Meaning of ‘NO BAD DAYS’ by ‘Macklemore’ feat. Collett

Released: 2023 • Features: Collett

NO BAD DAYS, an uplifting track by Macklemore featuring Collett, is about maintaining a positive mindset and embracing the journey of life, regardless of the odds or societal pressures. With its catchy hook and feel-good lyrics, Macklemore delivers a compelling narrative about resilience and determination.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The opening lines, “I think that I’m lucky, I don’t got it made / Everything I got could fit inside a suitcase” reflect Macklemore’s gratitude for his journey thus far and the minimalistic lifestyle he adopts. By saying “Stay in your lane, you ain’t on my road trip”, he sends a clear message to his detractors to mind their business, emphasizing on his unique journey and personal evolution.

Threading in cultural references, he mentions “Fab Five Freddy, 1989”, a shout-out to the famed MTV presenter and the golden era of hip-hop. He’s not just having a nostalgia trip; he’s placing himself in the lineage of hip-hop, showing respect to the game while also signaling his shift from the old-school ways. He brags, “I’m so Warhol”, likening himself to the avant-garde artist Andy Warhol, known for his unapologetic authenticity and innovative vision.

The line, “Desk job, cubicle, nah, it wasn’t for me / Rather crash and burn, go hella hard and live to tell my story” illustrates Macklemore’s rejection of conventional measures of success. He’s all about living life on his own terms, pushing boundaries, and navigating the intricacies of life as a spirited trailblazer.

Every chorus offers us a reminder of the theme of the song: “I’m just doing me, I don’t got no bad days, yeah / They could try to make me quit, yeah / Stay in your lane, yeah, we off that bullshit”. Macklemore is saying he’s committed to his grind regardless of the flak he gets, reinforcing the ‘me against the world’ motif prevalent in hip-hop.

Finally, “Wee-oh-oh-oh-oh” repeated in the outro could be interpreted as a joyous, carefree release, dismissing the stress, naysayers, and daily struggles that come with life, embodying the spirit of “NO BAD DAYS” in its purest form.

In summary, “NO BAD DAYS” is a celebration of self-affirmation, resilience, and beating the odds in pursuit of one’s dreams. With lyrical finesse and cultural nods, Macklemore and Collett underline the ethos of living a life devoid of negativity and brimming with optimistic hustle.

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