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Meaning of ‘Nobles’ by ‘The Alchemist’ feat. Earl Sweatshirt, Navy Blue

Released: 2021

“Nobles” by The Alchemist, featuring Earl Sweatshirt and Navy Blue, is a reflective exploration of personal growth, struggles, and the essence of survival in a harsh reality. It’s all about understanding the depths of oneself and the values that guide them, while masking the distress with heart and art.

The opening lines, “Depths of the man that I was from the start/Stay next to the fam, got a place in my heart chest“, convey a deep connection to one’s roots and family. “Fam” here represents a sense of togetherness and brotherhood, a homage to their comrades in the struggle. The phrase “Heart chest” signifies the emotional bond they have with their family and their craft.

Moving onwards, “Breath on demand/The rest of the plan got scrapped when I landed, invested in arts“, suggests a shift in focus towards creativity and self-expression as a means of survival. The pivot towards the arts signifies a refuge, a cathartic release. The “plan got scrapped” refers to the deviating life path, finding salvation in the arts rather than what was initially intended.

The line, “That’s life, black plight, can’t get along, not alone” refers to the ongoing struggles of black people, underscored by systemic racism and societal prejudice. “Black plight” refers to the shared experience of struggle among black communities, while “not alone” underscores the collective experience of this struggle.

The concluding lines, “Everyone’s supposed to be playing their part/In this vast arkestry of the cosmos“, reflect a universal view of existence. Here, “arkestry” is a blend of “ark” and “orchestra,” implying that everyone has a unique role in the grand scheme of the universe, a cosmic orchestra, if you will.

Overall, “Nobles” is a testament to resilience in the face of adversity, the pursuit of art as a survival tactic, and the unity within struggle. It’s a powerful narrative of the black experience, etching a vivid picture of the fight, the hustle, and the ultimate quest for self-affirmation.

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