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Meaning of ‘Odio’ by ‘Romeo Santos’ feat. Drake

Released: 2014

“Odio” by Romeo Santos featuring Drake is a smooth, heart-wrenching ballad that dives deep into the pain of unrequited love and the bitterness of envy. This track masterfully blends the sweet melodies of bachata with the raw emotion of hip-hop, narrating a story of lost love, jealousy, and the acceptance of defeat.

The song kicks off with Santos laying down the core emotion—envy is not just a sign of admiration but the pinnacle of destruction. Santos sings about how his love continues to grow while the object of his affection fades away, offering nothing but friendship. This tangled web of emotions is further complicated by the realization that his love has found happiness and stability with another man, something Santos could never provide. The lyrics “perdón por hacerte daño” (sorry for hurting you) cut deep, showcasing his remorse over his past actions that led to this heartbreaking scenario.

Drake’s verse adds another layer to this tale of sorrow. Switching between English and Spanish, Drake reflects on the contrast between him and her new love—him being the cause of tears, and the other, a source of smiles. Drake’s reminiscence about the times they shared and his dreams of what could have been—giving her a baby, buying a house—paints a picture of a man grasping at what’s already slipped through his fingers. His mention of “Bernice & Yaris,” although specific to his personal context, symbolizes the ideal beauty and the lost love he yearns for.

Together, Santos and Drake weave a narrative of yearning, envy, and the harsh acceptance of a love that’s moved beyond their reach. The repeated admission of “lo odio, aunque él te haga feliz” (I hate him, even though he makes you happy) juxtaposes the bitter pill of envy with the selfless desire for their love’s happiness. “Odio” isn’t just a ballad; it’s a confession of the soul’s deepest wounds, laid bare over a rhythm that makes you want to dance through the tears.

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