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Meaning of ‘Oh U Went’ by ‘Young Thug’ feat. Drake

Released: 2023 • Features: Drake

Unleashing the opulence and extravagance that’s synonymous with hip-hop royalty, “Oh U Went” by Young Thug, featuring none other than the 6 God himself, Drake, is all about flaunting wealth, establishing dominance, and staking claims. A sharp criticism of fakeness and a celebration of authenticity, the track is a bombastic blend of braggadocio and material excess often present in gangster rap subgenre.

Right from the jump, Young Thug hooks you in with the chorus. Repeating the phrase “Ayy, you went…” followed by a series of luxury items and actions like flying a Bentley Spur, driving ’round the world, and wearing Chanel pearls. This isn’t about literal events, but rather him painting a picture of the jet-setting lifestyle reserved for the elite. What’s interesting is the use of “went” to imply past action as a distinction from Thug’s current state, effectively saying he’s already done all that, and more.

The repetition of the lines about Rolls-Royces, war with ‘his hoes,’ and how he’s been a player for years, adds layers to his persona, revealing a past marked with decadence, controversies, and a player’s mentality. Young Thug’s line “Rolls-Royce still Uncle Phil,” is a clever homage to the late James Avery’s character in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” known for his wisdom and affluence, implying Thug has sustained his wealth with wisdom, just like Uncle Phil.

When Drake steps up, he confirms his status not just as a rap monarch but also a visionary. With his signature wordplay, he flips the script on the idea of a stationary, rigid definition, declaring, “I’m the definition like the dictionary” – a bold claim to being the standard-bearer in the rap game. He then spins the concept of balance tying it to his financial status, “They say that life’s about balance, baby, and the balance is in my account now”, alluding to his phenomenal success, both artistically and financially.

But it ain’t just money and fame at stake here. Thug and Drake throw around words like spill, stealing the spill, and field on a pill, inferring their battles, often with their own inner demons. Spill is street slang for divulging secrets or information, while ‘field on a pill’ indicates the adrenaline-charged, sometimes drug-fueled struggles they face. They are aware of the pitfalls of fame but are resolved to stay real amidst the fakes, hence the line, “Ayy, you not real, niggas is.”

In all, “Oh U Went” is Young Thug and Drake’s exhibition of their lavish lifestyle to silence scrutiny and assert their place in the pantheon of hip-hop, all while keeping it real with a keen acknowledgement of their past struggles and ongoing battles.

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