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Meaning of ‘ONE CALL’ by ‘Rich Amiri’

Released: 2023

“ONE CALL” by Rich Amiri dives deep into the rapper’s luxurious lifestyle, filled with fast money, fast women, and the highs and lows of living in the spotlight. The song bleeds confidence, discussing themes of wealth, trust issues, and the rap game’s cutthroat nature. It’s a snapshot of a life many dream of but only a few live, painted with the vivid colors of both its perks and its perils.

The track kicks off highlighting the rapper’s success and the allure it has on women, “Yeah, she pop that pussy, I got her a Rolls-Royce”. Here, Rich Amiri flexes his wealth and how it influences relationships. He touches on a distrust for others and even himself, “I don’t trust a soul, I don’t trust nobody”, showcasing the isolation felt at the top. The reference to “Threw up off some pills, I don’t trust my own body” adds a layer of vulnerability, discussing the physical toll of his lifestyle.

Rich Amiri then shifts to the mechanics of his wealth, “First you make a hundred moving, whippin’ chickens”, which is slang for making money through illegal activities, likely drug dealing in this context. However, he pairs this with advice on financial prudence, “Then you stay down, stack your racks, don’t ever spend ’em”. This duality showcases the complexity of navigating success from the streets to the industry. His boast of material success continues with mentions of luxurious cars and gold, painting a picture of the glamorous side of having made it.

The chorus, “Better late than never”, can be seen as a nod to patience and the timing of success. It’s an anthem for those on their grind, waiting for their moment to shine. It reiterates the idea that regardless of when it happens, achieving success is worth the wait. The song wraps up by revisiting themes of distrust and opulence, reinforcing Rich Amiri’s message of cautious elevation in the face of newfound wealth and fame.

Through “ONE CALL”, Rich Amiri provides more than just a peek into his world; he offers a roadmap and a warning. It’s a track that boasts of success while acknowledging the pitfalls that come with it, all wrapped in the swagger and beats synonymous with the journey from humble beginnings to the top of the game.

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