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Meaning of ‘One Of The Girls’ by ‘The Weeknd’ feat. JENNIE, Lily-Rose Depp

Released: 2023 • Features: JENNIE, Lily-Rose Depp

Yo, let’s break down the highly charged and provocative track “One Of The Girls” by The Weeknd with features from JENNIE and Lily-Rose Depp. This joint dives deep into themes of control, submission, and the complexities of a relationship where love ain’t the headline. It’s about the intoxicating power dynamics and the dark twist of masochistic affection.

The song kicks off with the lines “Lock me up and throw away the key / He knows how to get the best out of me.” Right out the gate, we’re talking about a relationship where one person is completely captivated by the other. The Weeknd ain’t playing coy; he’s talking about being so drawn into another that he’s willing to be metaphorically imprisoned by them—the key to his freedom willingly surrendered. It’s a nod to the kind of passion that consumes you whole, keeping you hooked against your better judgment.

Moving through, “Tell nobody I control you / I broke you just to own you” lays out a stark image of dominance and possession. This ain’t the sugar-coated, lovey-dovey stuff; it’s raw and real, painting a picture of someone molding their partner to fit their desires, even if it means breaking them down first. The Weeknd ain’t shy about expressing this darker side of love, showcasing a willingness to explore themes that sit outside the bounds of conventional romance.

When the chorus hits with “I just wanna be one of your girls tonight,” we step into a world where emotional connections take the backseat to physical ones. Ain’t about being the one and only, it’s about playing a role, even if it’s just temporary. It’s an unapologetic take on casual encounters, where getting lost in the moment trumps searchin’ for that deep, everlasting bond.

Further in, we get visceral with “Push me down, hold me down / Spit in my mouth while you turn me on.” These lines aren’t for the faint-hearted; they’re an unfiltered look into a form of intimacy that’s all about pushing limits and exploring the edge. The intensity of the interaction is underscored by desires that might be seen as taboo, but within the space of the song, they’re expressed without reservation or judgment.

The final verse comes through with “Top of the world but I’m still not free / It’s such a secret that I keep.” That’s The Weeknd holding it down with a confession that even though he’s at the peak of the game, he’s entrapped by his own secrets and desires. It’s a stark reminder that success ain’t always synonymous with freedom, especially when it comes to matters of the heart (or lust, in this case).

Ultimately, “One Of The Girls” ain’t just your run-of-the-mill track—it’s a deep dive into the shadows of love, power, and pleasure. The Weeknd, JENNIE, and Lily-Rose Depp serve up a tale that’s about as discreet as a sledgehammer, leaving listeners entangled in the raw energy and the haunting allure of a connection where traditional romance is flipped on its head.

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