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Meaning of ‘PISTOL PACCIN’ by ‘NLE Choppa’ feat. BigXthaPlug

Released: 2023

“PISTOL PACCIN” by NLE Choppa and BigXthaPlug lays down a track full of bravado and street wisdom, discussing their readiness to defend themselves, their disdain for weakness, and their rise in status. The song emphasizes the contrast between realness and fakeness, showcasing their experiences and street credibility.

The hook, “pistol packin’, never slackin’, bitch, killer, killer,” sets the tone. These lines stress their constant vigilance and readiness to act. They aren’t afraid to confront threats and handle their business when necessary. “Pistol-pistol packin’, never slackin’, bitch smackin’ killer” doubles down on this sentiment, portraying themselves as tough and unyielding.

“Two things I never seen, a nigga named Bigfoot and a ho I need” uses humor to communicate a sense of self-sufficiency. They’re saying they don’t need anyone to complete them. “Keep the backdoor closed, gotta lock it, throw away the key” warns against betrayal and emphasizes loyalty, a common theme in the streets.

“We can be a state away, U-turn if I ain’t got my ski” and “2023, we got built-in switches on ’em glees” talk about always being prepared. “Ski” refers to a ski mask, suggesting they’re ready for action anytime, while “built-in switches on ’em glees” indicates the firepower they possess.

“Drac’ hit, don’t ask, we take shit, like a blunt, we face shit” signifies they handle issues directly. “You throw fits, and we throw bullets out the stick” highlights the difference between real action and empty talk. “Knock weight off a nigga like a BBL, slide all day like a CDL” uses similes to describe their effectiveness in the streets.

“Wrist glisten, chain glisten like my manners trippin'” and “Memphis nigga, talk with a slur, she say my grammar different” show off their swag and regional identity. “Police come get me, my name Benny, nigga, I wasn’t in it” and “Fuck the judge, nigga, I’m illiterate, I be dodgin’ the sentences” reflect a rebellious attitude towards authority.

“Guns clappin’, pussy grabbin’, Donald Trump militia” blends political commentary with street life. “Pants saggin’, mama naggin’ like, who raised a nigga?” provides a glimpse into the tension between their lifestyle and family expectations.

“Fully auto ARP, equip the scope, so I don’t miss him” and “Ask the city ’bout me, nigga, they gon’ tell you I been spinnin'” emphasize their reputation and skill. “Think I’m a ho, come and show me, been ballin’, Ginóbili” portrays confidence and strength, invoking the resilience and skill of basketball star Manu Ginóbili.

“600 my hood, I control it” underlines their influence and status. “No snakes in my grass ’cause I mow it” suggests they keep their circle tight to avoid betrayal. “Ayy, who you know really havin’?” questions the authenticity of others’ claims.

“My bitch like a Backwood, yo’ ho like a Swisher” contrasts their preference for women, with Backwoods being seen as a premium choice compared to Swishers. This, along with the line “from Dallas, the home of the Mavericks,” touches on their personal tastes and origins.

The hook returns to close the track, reinforcing the relentless and combative spirit of NLE Choppa and BigXthaPlug. The song is an unapologetic declaration of their street credentials and the no-nonsense approach they take to life and their surroundings.

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