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Meaning of ‘Pop Out’ by ‘Polo G’ feat. Lil Tjay

Released: 2019

Features: Lil Tjay

“Pop Out” by Polo G, featuring Lil Tjay, is a gritty commentary on the violent realities of street life woven with the materialistic glamour of high-level rap success. The song unravels the harsh truths of their turbulent pasts, detailing accounts of street violence, poverty, gang affiliations and showcases the lavish lifestyle they currently reside in due to their success in the music industry.

The chorus, delivered by Polo G, gives a strenuous synopsis of the life he used to live. The phrase “we pop out at your party, I’m with the gang,” sets the tone of the song by establishing an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. He paints a chillingly casual image of gang violence (“it’s gon’ be a robbery, so tuck ya chain”). The line “we ain’t aimin’ for your body, shots hit your brain” underscores the brutality of their reality, and establishes their ruthlessness.

Polo G continues to broaden his narrative with lines like “we come from poverty, man, we ain’t have a thing,” suggesting a no-choiced life of crime due to economic hardships. In the line “them killers rock with me, lil’ nigga, don’t get banged,” Polo G warns his adversaries to stay on their toes, as he has an army of loyal soldiers ready to defend him.

Chasing the grim imagery of street struggle with a peek into the current celebrity life, he talks about his ex-lover getting a body transformation (“She don’t like her body, left the doctor with a new shape”) due to his newfound fame. He also flaunts his luxuries including diamond-studded Rolex, potential cover on 2K, and parting ways with women once he loses interest in them.

Lil Tjay surfaces these grim realities further in his verse. His perspective focuses on the sense of commitment to the gang life and the tragic complications it leads to. The lyrics “Lost my brother, seen him die and I just seen him graduate” showcases the heart-wrenching reality of losing someone close due to this dangerous lifestyle.

In the line “I risked my life but it’s alright ’cause God ain’t let me pass away,” Lil Tjay expresses his gratitude for still being alive despite the risks of their previous lifestyles. In the end, he reinstates the motif of the chorus by alluding to Polo G and him ready to confront enemies (“I call Polo, he come dolo, we get ’em the fast way”).

Throughout “Pop Out,” Polo G and Lil Tjay present a vivid picture of their past and present, revealing the harsh life of an urban environment while juxtaposing it against the flamboyant lifestyle of a successful Hip Hop artist. It’s a profound peek into the life that birthed their art, serving both as a cautionary tale and a testament to the power of resilience.

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