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Meaning of ‘prove it’ by ’21 Savage’ feat. Summer Walker

Released: 2024

21 Savage’s “Prove It,” featuring Summer Walker, is all about deep, unbreakable love and loyalty. He’s talking to his girl, reassuring her of his devotion and readiness to defend their relationship against any negativity or outside drama.

Right from the start, 21 Savage pours up some *Wocky* (codeine) while recalling his journey from the East. He mentions his brother wanting a niece, hinting at family and legacy. He talks about their connection being a *safe space* and bringing him *peace, even though life in the streets can get dangerous*. The rhyme *”ain’t none of it shallow, it’s deep”* underscores the genuine nature of their bond.

He talks about *cuddling for weeks* and how her family thinks she’s innocent, but he really knows her wild side. He doesn’t get hung up on her exes because he’s focused on the here and now. He bluntly states that he’s the man and exudes confidence: *”I know you swingin’ them hoes like the D.”* He also mentions how she fell for him when he had *braids* over *dreads*, emphasizing the authenticity of their love.

Describing her as a *”gutter bitch,”* which means she’s down-to-earth and real, he recognizes not just her looks but her substance—she cooks, cleans, and can load up the K (AK-47). He appreciates her beyond superficial standards, noting *”better tell all them niggas you mine,”* echoing a possessive, yet protective sentiment.

The chorus, led by Summer Walker, highlights how the challenges of the streets make him cherish their love even more. This part reveals his vulnerability: *”When I’m with you, I get nervous. It gotta be love, it’s a sign.”* He sees their bond as a feast, *”fuck what you bring to the table, ’cause bae, you’re the table,”* showing how she’s everything he needs.

When he talks about *”play with her cat, Doja,”* he’s getting explicit, showing a mix of admiration and lust. There’s a sense of materialism and recognition when he talks about buying her luxury items like Louis and CC (Chanel), and transforming her status with *Eliantte* jewelry.

He flexes with *”no 2K, I got VC,”* indicating his wealth (*VC* stands for virtual currency in NBA 2K). His confidence extends to a belief that their connection is unbreakable, and any disrespect will be met with fierce loyalty: *”If they disrespect me, then, it’s comin’ to an end.”* He ends with a prayer, hoping no other women force him into proving his loyalty.

Overall, “Prove It” is a heartfelt, raw declaration of love and loyalty wrapped in the complexities and slang of street life. 21 Savage’s intensity and Summer Walker’s soothing vocals blend to convey the strength and depth of their connection.

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